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Overcoming stubborn training plateaus, achieving a fat-free dream silhouette at record speed, razor-sharp focus, bulging muscles that make training partners green with envy: the promises of various pre-workout boosters, fat burners or muscle builders sound similar. A look at the list of ingredients used can reveal whether a supplement keeps what it promises.

While DMHA, Alpha GPC, Synephrine, Rhodiola Rosea and Co. have long enjoyed legendary status among athletes thanks to their unique effects, other ingredients from the highly dynamic supplement scene are still largely unknown - and in any case require explanation.

In our lexicon, we focus on tried and tested and new ingredients that are increasingly used in training boosters from various manufacturers. It's worth taking a look! Regardless of whether you want to understand the effects of your favorite booster, put a supplement through its paces before taking it for the first time, or mix yourself a highly potent pre-workout cocktail.

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