Beta alanine

Beta alanine should be no stranger to athletes who rely on supplements to support exercise performance. The non-essential amino acid is part of many boosters and is increasingly being taken as a single preparation. The effect of beta alanine starts directly in the cells. Here is the Carnosine levels increased significantlywhat a Reduction of the pH value leads. This also becomes the the negative effect of lactic acid on the muscles is reduced. The result: we can Pump longer and harderbefore muscle fatigue occurs.

Beta alanine can massively increase the number of repetitions you can do with the same weight. In order to the active ingredient also indirectly supports muscle building. On top of that Beta alanine also strengthens the immune system by increasing the carnosine level.

Benefits and properties of beta alanine

  • Counteracts muscle fatigue
  • Increases training performance
  • Supports muscle building
  • Strengthens the immune system
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