Caffeine Anhydrous

That the psychotropic substance caffeine enormously performance-enhancing works is not a secret. This is how caffeine binds to the same receptors as adenosine. The latter is supposed to protect our brain from overexertion and therefore reduces our physical and cognitive performance when it is released. Caffeine counteracts this effect. It This increases the pulse rate, strengthens the heartbeat and widens the blood vessels. Caffeine also works mood-lifting and motivatingwhich gives your training performance an extra push. Dar appetite suppressing effect of caffeine also makes the active ingredient interesting as a diet supplement.

Caffeine can be taken in several forms. Anhydrous caffeine, so-called Caffeine Anhydrous, from which all water has been removed, is particularly often used in boosters. The reason: Caffeine Anhydrous is highly concentrated, So that the Effect starts particularly quickly.

Benefits and properties of Caffeine Anhydrous

  • Highly concentrated caffeine
  • Effect that sets in quickly
  • Increases physical performance
  • Lift the mood
  • Has a motivational effect

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