Hardcore booster

You're a seasoned athlete, come up with classic Pre workout boosters but just no further? Then it's high time to fire up the turbo. With hardcore boosters you push your training to the next level. But beware: The brutal effects of the highly potent stimulants in hardcore boosters are not for the faint of heart. It is all the more important that you carefully consider your choice of booster. Our hardcore booster tests give you a good orientation. To all Stim junkies who need a quick refill: In our partner shop you can find almost all of them Buy hardcore boosters.

Hardcore Booster Test: the test criteria

Real stim bomb or disappointing misfire? We put hardcore boosters through their paces – from the hottest new products from established manufacturers to real underdogs and legendary classics. With us you are guaranteed to get to know the best hardcore boosters. We pay particular attention to the following criteria during our tests:

  • Ingredients: What is the composition of the booster's cocktail of active ingredients? Which stimulants are used? And how high are they dosed?
  • Effect: Alertness, focus, pump and performance: How does taking the Hardcore Booster affect actual training performance?
  • Taste and solubility: Is the taste of the booster acceptable? Does the preparation - provided it is a booster in powder form - dissolve well?
  • Value for money: Does the effect and quantity of the booster justify the price?

If you have reached the end of the hardcore booster review, you can better assess what to expect when taking the respective booster. In view of the extremely potent stimulants, such an assessment is often worth its weight in gold. 

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