Sales and production stop - Not4Pusyy US version

Sales and production stop - BPS-Pharma stamps hardcore booster draft horse # Not4Pussy US version

Since July 28th it is officially and directly announced by the manufacturer - "Due to the food regulation, the export version (colored label) is no longer available with immediate effect and is no longer manufactured“Reads the official Facebook page of Manchester-based company BPS Pharma.

Im  The company's own online shop is the # NOT4PUSSY training booster with a whopping 325mg di-Caffeine Malate and certainly more than 50mg DMAA already no longer available, only available in a few supplement shops in residual stocks!

The US booster # NOT4PUSSY promises a guaranteed good effect thanks to its potent composition and the hardcore pre-workout product was also able to convince with a solid pump!

With the production stop, BPS Pharma bends, among other things, the regulations and recommendations of the consumer association, DMAA since May 2017 publicly as Stimulus on the doping list of the World Anti-Doping Agency and warns of the side effects of the designer stimulant (increased blood pressure, suspected heart attacks and strokes).

A German Doping case at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games is directly related to a herbal dietary supplement containing the ingredient Methylhexanamine/DMAA.

The BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) carried out a scientific evaluation of products that are consumed by athletes and advised them to DMAA-containing supplements due to their antihypertensive effects and the promotion of cardiovascular diseases to avoid.

After deaths by DMAA In 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised manufacturers of dietary supplements on the illegal use of Methylhexanamine out.

BPS Pharma follows this advice with a good example, but has with the NOT4PUSSY ROIDRAGE, the # NOT4PUSSY Gray Version, the # NOT4PUSSY 1ONCE-A-SUMMA and finally with the #CATZKILL almost a handful of other very potent and equally dubious hardcore training boosters in his range.

If you don't miss out on the resounding effect of the hardcore booster # NOT4PUSSY, you have to be quick in the coming days, because the last doses of the brightly colored and psychedelic patterned pre-workout are currently being sold like hot cakes on the counters of the online shops.

Our partner shop STAYFOCUSED.DE still has a few cans in Cola and Green Apple flavors! - Take it!

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