APS Nutrition Mesomorph - Comparison Fake vs. Original

APS Nutrition Mesomorph - Comparison Fake vs. Original

In this article we want to devote ourselves to a topic that has been on our minds for a long time. For some time there have been rumors that a booster was copied again, how exactly you can protect yourself from the fakes you can find out here.

Anyone who follows the news of the fitness community with interest has surely heard that the legendary DMAA Version of the booster Mesomorph is no longer produced. However, in order not to leave consumers on the market empty-handed, the US manufacturer APS Nutrition has brought a new version onto the market, which, to the disappointment of many, is far weaker and, above all, our favorite substance DMAA no longer contains. The production stop of the popular first version not only led to an enormous increase in the price of the last remaining copies, but also to the fact that dubious dealers were driven by the greed for money to bring counterfeits of the supplement onto the market. How you can protect yourself from these imitations and differentiate the original from the copy, we want to explain to you in the following. The very first and usually convicting indication of a counterfeit of the product is the price. No matter how much we would all like it - we never get this booster for € 39,90. Traded are originals of the DMAA Version now from well over € 50,00. So do yourself a favor and don't believe in "great offers" or "special prices" - in this case, quality (unfortunately) actually has its price and a good product goes hand in hand with a high purchase price.

But not only the price can be used as an indication to locate a copy of the booster.
Knowing how, the fake version can be easily exposed at first glance.

APS Nutriton Mesomorph Fake vs Original
The comparison of the two Mesomorph versions shows how easy it is to distinguish the original from the clone.
  1. The APS Nutrition logo is smaller and darker than the copy.
  2. In the fake version of the mesomorph, instead of the text DMAA ENHANCED, "NEW SUPER CONCETRATE" pictured.
  3. On closer inspection it is noticeable that the course of the APS mesomorph clone is shown in less detail. The size of the font also differs from the original.
  4. The description Supercharged Energy Formula, is not available on the original!
  5. As usual, the weight is given in grams for the real mesomorph, and the unit of weight is also shown in oz.


You can find the original of the legendary booster at our partner, with the voucher Junkie10 you grab a few percent again.

APS Nutriton Mesomorph Detailed view of ingredients
The supplement facts on the back of the mesomorph show once again the difference between the fake and the original

The flavors on offer can also help unmask a copy. These are only offered in the variants Pinapple & Watermelon. If you should come across one of the following listed versions, you can be pretty sure that you are facing an original.

- Snow Cone
- Tutti Frutti
- Green Apple
- Rocket Pop
- Pink lemonade

APS Nutrition Mesomorph in flavors Tutti Frutti Green Apple Candy
The picture shows the limited flavors Tutti Frutti and Green Apple Candy of the APS Nutrition Mesomorph.

Based on the above facts, you can now easily distinguish the cheap fake from the legendary mesomorph original.

Another tip: only order the booster in reputable shops that have good customer ratings! Avoid unreliable sources such as online classifieds from private sellers or advertisements on auction portals.

Now you are well informed and maybe ready to place an order. So if you are still interested in the legendary booster or maybe even looking for a direct comparison, take a look at our partner Stayfocused. Here you get both "variants" - the original mesomorph, as org. US version declared, as well as the fake version, which is referred to as a “clone” and thus also indicates that it is not the original. To be fair, Stayfocused relies on transparency and shows with a price difference of 15 € which product is original and which is fake.

You want to enjoy the original version of the mesomorph again. Then buy now and save with the voucher code Junkie10 with our partner another 10% percent on your order!


APS Mesomorph - Original US version 
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