It's a pleasure to meet again - Conquer AMP3D

The popular Olympus Labs CONQU3R AMP3D is available again!

Since its German market launch at the end of 2015, Olympus Conquer Amped according to statistics about the most popular pre-workout boosters the market had to offer. This booster sparked a real one Hype and won the hearts of many fitness junkies in a very short time. Retailers recently had such extreme demand for products such as Jack3d or Craze experienced. The experts of the scene agreed that Conquer Amped should be in the closet of every real pump, there were no two opinions on this subject. So the disappointment of many people is all the greater when the Amped Edition from Olympus Labs is suddenly no longer available at the beginning of last year.

Olympus Labs - Reign put to the test | Review

After an infinitely long dry spell, it is finally time to breathe a sigh of relief: after what feels like an eternity, the American manufacturer brings a new one Hardcore booster called RE1GN on the market, which is to build on the effect of its predecessor. You can find out how good the Olympus RE1GN really is here -> Olympus Labs - Reign put to the test

But as is so often the case, the attempt to establish an equally good new version remains, just an attempt, even if the re1gn can certainly be seen. Only rarely can such hyped products as the Conquer Amped be replaced by an available, equal successor. We are all the more pleased to finally announce that our partner has spared no effort to finally be able to offer you your favorite booster again.


So the suffering is finally over, pack your gym bag and get ready for the legendary: Olympus Conquer Amped. With the booster offered by Stayfocused, one unfortunately has to speak of the Olympus Conquer Amped Replica, which has a potent effect, but does not come close to the original.

>> Buy Olympus Labs - Conquer Amped <

But you get the replica at a price of 39,90 €, compared to the manufacturer's RRP at the time, it is just under 10 € below.

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