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"If you have the devil as a friend, you will have a good time in hell!" - With the Devil`s Work from Devils Pharma you make a pact with the devil!

The booster year 2019 comes to a great end and conjures up a completely new manufacturer out of the hat for the cold season, who is able to heat the mind! Devils Pharma is a manufacturer from the USA that wants to take the hardcore booster scene by storm with its first pre-workout.
In addition to a captivating company and product layout, it also delivers a truly appealing and equally potent formula!

Unlike many boosters from competing companies, the Devil's Work does not follow the trend of an ultra-concentrated stimbombe that fires blind, scattered shots on a small portion size, but rather offers a comprehensive range of ingredients and effects.
allein a portion size of a whopping 12g speaks for the possibility Increase in concentration and blood circulation promote equally.
For this purpose, stimulants and pump substances were installed in equal measure and promise a comprehensive, satisfactory effect with regard to all expectations and wishes!

What can you expect from the supplement facts of the Hardcore Booster?

Knapp 8g one serving size serve the sole purpose of widening your veins and maximizing blood flow to the muscles. This manifests itself in a puffy pump, map-like veins and an ideal supply of nutrients to your muscle mountains.
Take care of that, among other things

3g Citrulline Malates
1g AGmass (agmatines Sulfates)
725mg Glycerol
220mg L-Norvaline

On the other hand, numerous potent stimulants ensure concentration, alertness and the necessary urge to train. which can only be found in form and composition in true US products 😉
We are talking here, for example, of

250mg DMHA (2-aminoisoheptane)
45mg Hordinine
15mg Higenamine
and 2g Yohimbine HCL!

In addition to these more than appealing ingredients, Devils Pharma also scores with a detailed layout that is exhausted to the last.

Not only the can of the product impresses with a bombastic design, Devils Pharma has announced further steps, for example in the form of shirts and other products, in order to shape the scene emphatically!

So far, the tastes apply Devils candy and Monstrous Mango as confirmed, but the manufacturer is already working on other varieties for this promising booster! In a can are full 30 servings included.

Have a look at and get a copy of this devil stuff!

Devil's Work
Devil's Work Booster


Devils Pharma - Devil's Work
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