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At the beginning of May, reported that with Submission Science a new manufacturer is in the starting blocks that knows how to impress not only with its product range, but also with its outstanding quality. The product selection and composition are consistent and the first few weeks on the German market have proven that the American manufacturer is well on the way to establishing itself in the supplement industry.

The hardcore booster ROCKY 1,3 in particular caused a stir, because not only its fresh design was immediately inspiring, the designer stimulus from which it was named also set the scene in joyous expectation.
And the booster in the guise of Rocky Balboa literally gave in the face, became a top seller and deservedly placed 6th in the booster ranking of the best DMAA-Booster on
70mg 1,3-dimethylamine speak a clear language and provide the ultimate punch in your workout!

Submission Science is now acting in an exemplary manner and is now trying to build on the success within a very short time and immediately to throw the big and even better brother of ROCKY 1,3 onto the market - ROCKY KO should fix it!
Our partner shop STAYFOCUSED.DE has an exclusive sample of the new hardcore booster from the land of unlimited possibilities and everyone involved is thrilled!
The manufacturer does everything right and replaces the unnecessary Creatine in the formula with other useful and noticeable ingredients.
So was the whopping dose DMAA increased by another 30mg and now catches the eye with a whole 100mg!

Here is an overview of what SUBMISSION SCIENCE ROCKY KO knows how to convince:

Proprietary Blend 8500mg

Citrulline Malate 2: 1, AGmass (agmatines sulfate), N-acetyl tyrosine, Caffeine Citrates, Caffeine Anhydrous, 1-3 dimethylamines (100mg), Synephrine Hcl, Higenamine Hcl, Hordein Hcl, L-Norvaline, Schisandra Chinensis, Yohimbine hcl, Huperzine A., Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3

Not only that Creatine Hcl and - nitrates have been deleted entirely by adding synephrine, Higenamine, Hordinine and yohimbine this booster becomes a real stimbombe compared to its already potent predecessor!

First tests from our side were more than promising and we are waiting to send the ROCKY KO into the ring in this country too! We are convinced that he knows how to send his competition onto the boards in the battle of the hardcore boosters!

If you want to convince yourself of the quality of the Rocky KO, you can get the booster at

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Submission Science Rocky 1,3








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