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Massive pump through agmatine sulfate

As a Agmatine Sulfate Agmatine Sulfates) Agmatine caused quite a sensation in the supplement scene a few years ago. For good reason. On Agmatine-Booster guarantees a breathtaking pump that easily outshines many other supplements. We introduce you to the legendary pump ingredient and its well-known and lesser-known effects. Do you want Agmatine you will find what you are looking for in our online shop.

What is Agmatine

Agmatine (Engl. Agmatine) is a metabolic by-product of the amino acid L-Arginine. It arises from the splitting off of carbon dioxide molecules, the so-called decarboxylation. In supplements it usually comes in the form of Agmatine Sulphate used. There Agmatine L-Arginine is structurally very similar, the name “Super Arginine“Common.

Highly potent pump agent 

Although it was discovered in 1910 by the Nobel Prize winner Albrecht Kossel Agmatine only came into the focus of the supplement industry a few years ago. The sustained hype that has set in around the active ingredient is mainly due to its influence on the nitrogen oxide concentration. This is how taking Agmatine Sulphate improves blood circulation - and ultimately improves the supply of nutrients to the muscles. The consequences are not only improved performance and a shortened regeneration time, but also a very clearly visible muscle pump, which in terms of its intensity outperforms comparable active ingredients.

Agmatine Sulphate increases nitric oxide production many times more than Argininewhich, thanks to its massive muscle pumps, already enjoys legend status in the industry. So is Agmatine Known primarily to athletes as a pump supplement, although it has other very interesting properties as a nootropic.

The study location 

Da Agmatine has only been used as a supplement for a comparatively short period of time, the number of studies on the specific Agmatine- Effect currently still manageable. However, reliable results are already available, particularly with regard to the increase in nitrogen oxide production. Also interesting: as part of a study that Agmatine When considering sulfate as a possible drug for treating pain in herniated discs, it turned out that the active ingredient is able to significantly reduce the sensation of pain. An effect that athletes can also take advantage of for particularly intensive workouts.

The benefits of Agmatine Sulphate at a glance 

Taken in the form of supplements, unfolds Agmatine a whole range of advantages, some of which go beyond the frequent marketing of the substance as a pure pump supplement. Agmatine sulfate

  • leads to a massive pump,
  • increases nitric oxide production,
  • improves blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to the muscles,
  • reduces the sensation of pain,
  • optimizes muscle regeneration and shortens the regeneration time,
  • has an antioxidant effect,
  • improves the insulin reaction - and thus promotes a defined, muscular silhouette and
  • has nootropic properties.

Also good to know: The active ingredient is considered safe and very well tolerated. Serious Agmatine- We are not aware of any side effects.

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Agmatine as a nootropic 

Given the brutal muscle pumps supplementation comes with Agmatine As a result, the nootropic effect of the substance is often lost. That's a shame because Agmatine is also a highly potent nootropic. So our body increases the production of Agmatine in times of strong psychological stress all by itself - and uses Agmatine thus as a real stress protection shield. There is good reason for taking Agmatine Sulphate is therefore associated with an increased resistance to stress and a reduction in anxiety. So can Agmatine help to lower cortisol levels that are elevated due to chronic stress - and to minimize the resulting negative consequences for cognitive performance, psyche and muscle building.

Initial studies even suggest an antidepressant effect Agmatine Near. Since the substance is stored in the neurons and released again, where it also reduces the pain sensation, this effect is entirely plausible. So the ingestion of Agmatine contributes significantly to improving the mood.

To get the nootropic effects of Agmatine To summarize sulfate again: Agmatine

  • counteracts stress,
  • reduces anxiety,
  • improves well-being,
  • has an antidepressant effect and
  • lift the mood.

This keeps taking Agmatine Sulphate maintains mental fitness and motivation - and offers optimal conditions for outstanding training performance.

Agmatine in training boosters

Since a comparatively low one Agmatine-Dosage is associated with a noticeable increase in nitric oxide production Agmatine Sulfate a popular stand-alone supplement. This leads to Agmatine to combine independently with other active ingredients. In principle, there is nothing wrong with a stack. However, you should note that Agmatine Sulphates interacts with a number of substances that are also often taken in the context of boosters. A similar signal path leads to this, for example when taking at the same time Creatine, L-Arginine or yohimbine to counterproductive interactions.

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