The Best Pre-Workout Boosters of 2022

The best pre-workouts of 2022 - EU brands

Effective training now includes a good booster as well as the 20 mm disc on the iron bar. And the market never tires of satisfying the needs of a wide variety of consumers. Whether the loaded dose of hardcore stimulants, a decent portion of pump substances or a complete mix of everything - there is now the right product for die-hard iron athletes and the occasional hobby pump.

The “EU Booster” category describes - mostly without taking the actual country of manufacture into account - pre-workout products that contain a light combination of invigorating ingredients and substances that promote pumping. In doing so, they completely dispense with ingredients that could fall under the novel food law or the drug prescription requirement, and substances that come from a legal gray area and are derivatives or synthetically modeled plant substance duplicates are not used in such training boosters.

Accordingly, EU boosters are the perfect compromise for training beginners or athletes who regularly need a small push, but not the full broadside to optimize performance in training. Even tested athletes tend to be on the safe side with EU boosters (even if final certainty about the purity of the products can only be guaranteed by the Cologne list or by analyzes that have been carried out in-house).

We at Boosterjunkies now want, despite all the passion and passion for the full hardcore club, to give the "reasonable" alternatives the attention they deserve and to introduce you to the most popular and best pre-workout products from the EU segment.

As with any booster product, we point out that the effect of such a product depends on many factors. On the one hand, nutritional status, hydration, etc. the physiological reaction to individual active ingredients is decisive, but the type and intensity of training also influence the spectrum of activity. Last but not least, this top list reflects our subjective and, for our body, individual physical reaction. Although we base our assessments on facts and theories, in practice we can only draw on anecdotal knowledge.

So let's get in and take a look at some true all-rounders.

# 10 Weider HZRD Pre-Workout 260g

It feels like the Weider brand has been in the supplement game for almost as long as the bodybuilding sport promoted by the Weider brothers is in the history books of our time. Numerous big names have already been allowed to represent the brand and the Protein 80 Plus can still be found in many die-hard old school gyms.
The Hzrd training booster breaks with the slightly outdated and time-honored image of the Weider brand and is still quite new on the market.
In an alarming robe - the can is adorned with wildly knotted barrier tape - it attracts with the composition of high-quality plant extracts and 200mg of caffeine per serving (1,50 euros).
Furthermore, it impresses with 6g of pure L-citrulline, which in itself ensures a decent pump. But not enough here, because Weider continues to add arginine, niacin and ornithine. 
The use of patented branded raw materials such as Bioperine, Careflow and S7 confirms Weider's high quality standards and really gives true bodybuilding fans a solid everyday booster.

Weider HZRD pre-workout tub

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# 10 Weider HZRD Pre-Workout 260g

RATING: 6.8 / 10

# 9 Optimum Nutrition Pre-Workout 330g

The ON or Optimum Nutrition brand is known and just as popular for its world-famous “Gold Standard” in terms of whey protein. The Gold Standard Whey dominated the international protein market for many years and still lives from a renowned reputation and continues to enjoy a great deal of attention.
The other products of the manufacturer, which are no less lavishly staged, but never came close to the sales figures of the protein preparation, have to step back a little.

The Gold Standard Pre-Workout is actually a very solid product that, although not enough water for every booster, clearly outperforms the mandatory energy drink before training.
Because in addition to a whopping 175mg of caffeine, the ON Pre-Workout covers the daily 3g portion of creatine in its entirety and 1,5g beta-alanine also leads to corresponding performance adaptations with regular consumption. Furthermore, the sensible ingredients citrulline (for an increased pump), carnitine (for an optimized fat metabolism) and tyrosine (for a noticeable focus) are all at least included, albeit in partly underdosed quantities. Depending on how much you are willing to increase the dosage and the corresponding portion costs (0,83ct per portion), the pre-workout is certainly not the “gold standard”, but it can be enjoyed before the Kind of sport.

Optimum Nutrition Pre-Workout Tub

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# 9 Optimum Nutrition Pre-Workout 330g

RATING: 7.0 / 10

# 8 Olimp Redweiler 480g

The pharmaceutical company, which originated in Poland, has been manufacturing nutritional supplements to the highest standards since 1990 and is also represented in Germany with its own group of companies. In the last 10 years, Olimp has invested more than 80 million euros in the development of technologies and innovations alone.
The reward for this work is an excellent reputation and an enormous customer base.
Not least because of the very good products in the supplement and bodybuilding segment.

The Olimp relies on a complete composition with a comparably larger portion size (12g - 0,87ct) and combines a pump formula and a performance blend. AAKG and citrulline malate are supplemented with a small amount of sodium, so that the pump is really very good. Tyrosine and caffeine (200mg) ensure a pleasant boost and long-lasting focus, and last but not least, creatine and beta-alanine are typical performance enhancers that make it sensible to consume the Redweiler on a regular basis. It is particularly appealing that the Redweiler has already been issued twice in an extremely cool Dragonball Z special edition and is still available in this version. Maybe also an incentive to buy for one or the other of you.

Olimp redweiler tub

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# 8 Olimp Redweiler 480g

RATING: 7.6 / 10

# 7 All Stars RAW Intensity 400g

For many years, the All Stars brand was closely related to one of the scene's figureheads - Markus Rühl!
It was also he who initiated and / or at least advertised a whole series of resounding supplements at the time, and so a heavy booster - by comparison in German standards - was not long in coming.
In the meantime, the Raw Intensity has been revised more than once and is the driving force behind the so-called Platinum Series. With 15 scientifically proven ingredients, packed with citrulline, arginine, taurine, tyrosine, glycine, Cordiceps Sinensis, Norvaline and caffeine as well as exciting, enriching plant extracts, we really have a very good pre-workout product!
More than 20g of active pump substances, 2,00mg of caffeine (+ 9mg of theobromine) and even 350mg of synephrine do something for fat burning on a whopping 200g per serving (110 euros)!

All Stars RAW Intensity Tub

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# 7 All Stars RAW Intensity 400g

 RATING: 7.8 / 10

# 6 PEAK - No Jokes 600g

Peak is also a well-known institution in Germany whose name has been calling itself to the “top” of the supplement market since 2003 and is committed to pursuing this claim. Peak sets high standards in the selection of its selected raw materials and processes them in its own production with the greatest care. In accordance with the quality standards HACCP, GMP, GLP and GSP, the products are 100% free from doping substances.

The No Jokes is a pre workout booster with Pump & Stim effect that promotes alertness, focus, pumps and endurance. For this purpose, it comes up trumps with the full range of all relevant ingredients in a decent dose. In addition to pump substrates arginine HCL and citrulline, the carnosine booster is beta-alanine and the potent ingredients such as N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, the patented Ashwagandha KSM-66, Alpha GPC, glucuronol acetone and many more. contain!
The absorption improvers L-Theanine, Panax Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea in particular give the formula an extra push. One portion size is a whopping 20g (1,33 euros) and really delivers everything you need for a proper - but "clean" - workout!

PEAK NO Jokes Tub

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# 6 PEAK - No Jokes 600g

RATING: 8.0 / 10

# 5 Naughty Boy Menace pre-workout

The NB Menace is also a completely transparent all-round pre-workout and serves the fields of increased energy, increased concentration and improved pumps and performance.

It contains 4g L-citrulline and 2g patented glycerine in the form of GlycerSize. The concentration is ensured by 1g of tyrosine and 600mg of the also patented active ingredient Alpha-Zone (Alpha-GPC). In addition to 3,2g beta-alanine to improve endurance, the energy-supplying formulation, consisting of 300mg Juglans Regia, 350mg caffeine and 150mg Biophytum, is impressive. This really well thought-out and high-quality matrix is ​​refined with 50mg AstraGin, which maximizes absorption. In view of the attractive price (1,02 euros per serving) a really interesting and recommendable supplement.

Naughty Boy Mean Pre Workout Tub

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# 5 Naughty Boy - Menace Pre-Workout 435g

RATING: 8.3 / 10

# 4 OS Nutrition - Gods Pulse

The German company OS Nutrition Supplements has been producing according to the highest quality standards since 2017. The labels of their nutritional supplements are both simple in terms of design and detailed in terms of content and guarantee maximum transparency. The company does not use acesulfame K or aspartame in the entire product range.

The Götterpuls is a pre-workout that does not rely on the motto “more is more”, but instead sensibly combines target-oriented ingredients in moderate doses. A 15g portion (1,50 euros) contains 8g of active pump substances (4g each of AAKG and L-citrulline) and 3g of beta-alanine. A proper focus is achieved by adding 1g of N-acetyl-L-tyrosine as well as 250mg of green tea extract and 250mg of caffeine. It also contains 200mg grape seed extract and 80mg Panax ginseng extract. With the last 2 ingredients mentioned, this booster stands out from the rest of this list and also knows how to convince with a solid effect.
Particularly positive is the noticeably good taste of the booster, which is available in the varieties of cola, red fruit, mango, raspberry and watermelon - YUMMIE!

OS Nutrition Gods Pulse Tub

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# 4 OS Nutrition - Gods Pulse 308g

RATING: 8.4 / 10

# 3 ESN crank

ESN and the Crank are already an institution in the German supplement scene.
For 16 years, ESN has been producing daily controlled supplements that stand for quality, purity and safety. Independent and accredited tests of all production batches are carried out regularly in internal laboratories. This creates trust in safety and purity - typical for quality, made in Germany.

Even the pre-workout from what is probably the most well-known manufacturer in this country is a synergistic booster with citrulline, AAKG, other amino acids, caffeine and selected plant extracts for the perfect training experience. It consists of 14 ingredients and is the perfect combination of amino acids and botanicals.
For every 19g serving (1,50 euros) the Crank delivers 11g pump substances (6g citrulline malate, 4g AAKG plus glucuronolactone etc.) and more than 2,5g stimulating botanicals and other substances (200mg caffeine, Synephrine, Rhodiola Rosea Extr. Etc.) .).
It is hardly surprising that ESN did a mess and used absolute flagship dosages for all active ingredients. Certainly one of the most complete and highest quality EU boosters in Germany.

ESN Crank Tub

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# 3 ESN - Crank 380g

RATING: 7.8 / 10

# 2 BPS-Pharma Not4Pussy Transform-U-Matrix

For the 5th year of existence of the company, BPS-Pharma sets a new milestone in the pre-workout booster category. The special thing about the Transform-U-Matrix is ​​the combination of patented active ingredients in an unprecedented combination based on scientifically constituted dosages. 

The combination for the pump alone is remarkable and of high quality. On the one hand, one relies on proven L-citrulline malate in combination with glutathione, which stabilizes the NO level and ensures a long-term effect, but what really hits the spot is the combination of Oxystorm and Nitrosigine. Two branded raw materials that promise an incomparable pump with extreme vascularity. The patented Amaranthus extract provides the maximum amount of nitrate to increase the NO level for up to 8 hours.
Furthermore, the synergy duo of caffeine and theanine works and is potentiated by the synephrine contained in the Citrus Aurantium extract. Theanine intercepts its undesired side effects. Furthermore, there are extremely many catalysts such as taurine, glucuronolactone, black pepper extract and many more. for active ingredients such as ashwagandha, pine bark etc. very effective!
A really exclusive and fun-promising booster!

BPS Pharma Not4pussy Transform-U-Matrix jar

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# 2 BPS-Pharma Not4Pussy Transform-U-Matrix 320g

RATING: 8.1 / 10

# 1 NP Nutrition Doom

The Doom is a so-called brain booster for a pleasant and long-lasting focus, but without an overly stimulating effect. Energy-giving stimulants such as caffeine are only used very discreetly, but the main active ingredient is, among others, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine. This amino acid sharpens the focus, counteracts tiredness and increases motivation.
DMAE bitartrate, L-theanine and Alpha GPC are also known to increase cognitive performance, i.e. to have a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and memory. The highly effective adaptogen Rhodiola Rosea supports you in terms of stress resistance. 

At an effective 1,17 euros per serving, a really suitable booster that works so completely different than the other candidates on this list.

NP Nutrition Doom Can

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# 1 NP Nutrition - Doom 300g

RATING: 8.1 / 10

As you can see, the choice could not be more diverse and comprehensive. From the simple energy drink substitute plus a small bonus to the completely mature brain-boosting exotic, there is really everything in pre-workout supplements that the passionate iron athlete can imagine. Each of the products presented has its own charm and addresses pretty much everyone, from the ambitious cleaner to the freak who likes to experiment. So we cannot finally determine and rank either, but with these recommendations we want to leave the decision to you to the best of our knowledge.
In any case, we wish you a lot of fun and, above all, training success when testing and / or consuming these boosters every day!

Our promise

We promise you that every single one of the boosters presented here is worth the money, disappointing products were not included in our raking! We evaluated the boosters as objectively as possible, based on our experience and not relying on any marketing promises made by the manufacturer. The training boosters listed here have proven themselves in our versatile tests, in intensive training units and prevailed against competitors. To do this, we used our own tests, the experiences of other athletes and the evaluation for our ranking. All tested products have proven themselves and are real hardcore boosters and were rated in the categories of ingredients, effect (focus, power, energy and pump), taste and solubility and price-performance ratio. A score between 1 and 10 points was awarded for each category.


With the ranking we want to inform you about the best training boosters in order to support you in your purchase decision and to save you from disappointment and to save your wallet. Our booster reviews represent our subjective impressions and do not claim to be general. The effect of one and the same product can vary from person to person! Pre workout supplements should not be taken permanently or overdosed. The use and dosage of pre workout boosters is entirely at your own risk.

The ultimate pre workout booster test: everything you need to know about the best training boosters

Do you want a razor-sharp focus, maximum power and improved training performance during your workout? A pre workout booster fulfills your wishes. But which products really keep what they promise? What Are the Best Pre Workout Boosters? Our ranking tells you! So much in advance: We have put all products through their paces - and give you extensive reviews, carried out to the best of our knowledge and belief, to help you make a decision. 

The best pre workout boosters tested

A pre workout booster is a dietary supplement that is only taken before training. The aim of taking is to use a cocktail of highly potent active ingredients to increase training performance and gradually shift your own performance limits. Pre workout boosters are especially able to increase the inner drive through stimulants. 

Here we will show you what is behind the versatile training boosters, for whom they are suitable and what makes a really good pre workout booster.

Which ingredients make a good pre workout booster?

Many pre workout boosters use a whole cocktail of ingredients to achieve an outstanding effect. The highlight: The individual fabrics complement each other and sometimes develop synergy effects that tease out the best possible performance. In the course of the last few decades, some ingredients have proven to be particularly effective. Almost every good pre workout booster therefore relies on one or more of the following ingredients. 

The non-essential amino acid beta alanine is used in many pre workout boosters. For good reason. The substance increases the carnosine level in our cells and thus reduces the pH value. As a result, the muscles are no longer affected as much by lactic acid and you can train longer and harder.

Choline Bitartrate, the form of choline that is much more readily usable by the body, is not only essential for normal fat metabolism, but also for our brain performance. After all, the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is formed from choline, which is essential for the correct transmission of information in the brain. This also applies to the transmission of stimuli to the muscles. By taking Choline Bitartrate, you not only strengthen your memory, but also your muscle memory ("muscle memory").

If you have ever used brain boosters and Nootropics have discussed, Ginkgo Biloba Extract should be no stranger to you. After all, the substance is able to improve blood flow to the brain - and thus significantly increase cognitive performance. There is another reason why Ginkgo Biloba extract is often used in pre workout boosters. The active ingredient can also reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol. The latter is notorious among athletes as a "muscle killer". By taking ginkgo biloba extract, you promote muscle growth. 

Glycerol or glycerine is part of numerous supplements. HydroMax, a concentrated form of glycerol that used to be mainly sold as a stand-alone product, now appears frequently on the ingredient list of pre workout boosters. The special thing about glycerol: The substance, which is also used as a humectant in the food industry, can store water in the muscle cells. The result is a brutal pump that can last for hours after training. Glycerol is not only used to increase performance, but is also perfect if you want to impress someone with your perfectly shaped silhouette after a workout. 

Green tea not only contains numerous healthy antioxidants and nutrients. The ingredient also has significant amounts of caffeine. The latter is known to get the heart beating stronger, widen blood vessels and increase motivation. The best conditions for the upcoming training. Especially since green tea extract is also able to accelerate the regeneration of muscles. 

The ingredient that you may know from energy drinks is also often used in pre-workout boosters - and not without reason. Guarana extract is known for its high amount of caffeine. During training, the active ingredient ensures the best possible supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. But the psychotropic effects of guarana extract should not be underestimated either. The substance lifts the mood, drives away tiredness and provides the necessary motivation during the workout. Bonus: Guarana also has an appetite suppressant and can bring you a little closer to your dream figure. 

Caffeine is the classic ingredient in a pre workout booster. No wonder. After all, caffeine increases both physical and cognitive performance. Typical consequences of taking caffeine are an increased heart rate, dilated blood vessels, a strong heartbeat, an elevated mood and increased internal drive. A Caffeine booster thus offers the prerequisites for successful training. Good to know: caffeine also has an appetite suppressant effect. 

L-arginine has become an indispensable part of the supplement scene. The substance has had a permanent place on the list of ingredients in pre workout boosters for many years. And she really deserved it. The amino acid is an important starting material for the formation of nitric oxide. This improves the blood circulation by widening the blood vessels and thus optimizes the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. The result: You can train much longer and harder - and visually enjoy a brutal pump. In addition, L-arginine significantly shortens the regeneration time of the muscles. 

The non-essential amino acid L-citrulline, like L-arginine, stimulates nitric oxide production. As a result, you benefit from improved blood circulation and an optimal supply of nutrients and oxygen. The increased pump improves training performance, simplifies muscle regeneration and promotes muscle building. 

Structurally, L-ornithine is very similar to L-arginine. On the one hand, L-ornithine is important in the body for the elimination of waste materials such as ammonia - and therefore essential for our health. For strength and endurance athletes, L-ornithine is of particular interest because it improves the synthesis of L-arginine and can thus increase the concentration of nitric oxide in the body. The latter in turn leads to improved blood circulation and increased pumps. In addition, L-ornithine can delay exhaustion during training and improve sleep quality. 

Would you like to go to your limit during training, be fully focused on the exercise in question and be highly motivated at the same time? Then make sure that your Pre Workout Booster contains L-tyrosine. Because with the non-essential amino acid you achieve exactly that. Good to know: L-tyrosine often appears in the list of ingredients in the form of N-acetyl-tyrosine. The acetylated form of tyrosine has the same properties as L-tyrosine, but is characterized by a significantly better bioavailability. 

Behind the abbreviation OPC are what are known as “oligomeric proanthocyanidins”, secondary plant substances that are mainly found in grape seed extract. Grape seed extract is known primarily for its antioxidant properties, which protect cells from damage and premature aging. In addition, OPC scores with anti-inflammatory as well as antihypertensive and blood circulation-promoting properties. In short: by taking grape seed extract, you are laying the foundation for a healthy body - and effective training. 

Rhodiola Rosea Extract is known to be a powerful adaptogen. In other words: The substance helps body and mind to optimally adapt to stress. This applies to psychological stress as well as to physical stress that the body experiences during a hard workout, for example. The consequence of the reduced feeling of stress: You can hold out longer during training and can gradually shift your personal limits backwards. 

Beetroot is also popular for pre workout boosters, be it as a powder or as an extract. The reason: beetroot contains large amounts of nitrate and thus supports the formation of nitric oxide. The latter in turn promotes blood circulation, improves the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and ensures a strong pump as well as a shortened regeneration time for the muscles. But beetroot has another ace up its sleeve: The ingredient counteracts acidification of the muscles and thus prevents overtraining. 

Have you ever wondered why black pepper appears so often on the ingredient list of pre workout boosters? The answer is simple: the active ingredient piperine contained in black pepper inhibits certain enzymes that usually filter all kinds of substances out of the body. Therefore, black pepper also increases the bioavailability of a wide variety of substances - and thus contributes significantly to the impact of the respective pre-workout booster. 

The amino acid taurine has a number of properties that make it interesting for athletes. Taurine is not only considered a natural stimulant, but is also significantly involved in building muscle mass. With one intake you therefore promote muscle growth or prevent the breakdown of muscle mass. In addition, taurine noticeably reduces muscle pain after training and also boosts fat burning. 

Structurally, Theacrine is very similar to caffeine. The substance sharpens the focus, increases motivation and increases physical and cognitive performance. Theacrine is particularly popular as a caffeine alternative in pre workout boosters. On the one hand, because the energetic effect of Theacrine lasts much longer than that of caffeine. On the other hand, because after taking Theacrine there is no sudden crash after training. Also practical: Theacrine does not lead to a creeping habituation effect, so that you can stay with the same dose for a longer period of time. 

B vitamins are also often found on the ingredient list. This is especially true of niacin, also known as vitamin B3. The reason: B vitamins play a key role in the body's energy metabolism. For example, niacin can significantly reduce tiredness and muscle fatigue - with a noticeable training effect. The intake of niacin favors particularly intensive workouts and provides muscles with optimal growth stimuli. However, some manufacturers are likely to rely on niacin for their supplements for reasons of prevention. For example, a niacin deficiency as a result of tiredness and muscle weakness significantly reduces training performance. 

Taking Pre Workout Booster Correctly: A Guide

Whatever your preferred pre workout booster is composed, the same rules almost always apply when taking it. In particular, the time and type of intake determine whether the Pre Workout Booster can fully develop the desired effect. 

1.) The right time - when to take Pre Workout Booster?

The name gives it away: You should always take Pre Workout Booster before training. Whether the booster has the desired effect after 15, 30 or 45 minutes depends largely on the supplement used. As a rule, the manufacturer gives a recommendation as to the time interval between training and the booster should be taken. 

The “right” (and therefore also the “wrong”) time to take a training booster also depends on individual requirements. If you like to train in the evening, but at the same time react sensitively to stimulants such as caffeine, a booster is probably counterproductive. If you can't sleep after taking it and hit your head half the night, your regeneration phase will be extremely small - and the training effect will fizzle out. If a stim-free pre-workout booster is not an option for you, you have to change your training habits for better or worse. 

2.) Pre workout booster: capsules or powder?

It is up to you whether you take your pre workout booster in the form of capsules or as a powder. The mode of action is the same for both types of intake - and both variants are sufficiently available on the market. However, there are differences when it comes to the time it takes to take effect. If you take your Pre Workout Booster in capsule form, you should plan a slightly longer interval before training begins. The reason: the capsules first have to dissolve in the stomach before they can take effect. In addition, capsules usually have less filler and are therefore mostly limited to focus and energy. In contrast, you will hardly find any active pump ingredients in capsules.

3.) That is how long ago you last meal should be

In principle, the following applies: the further back it was from your last meal, the faster the booster unfolds its effect. Conversely, this means: If you have eaten shortly before training, it will not be able to fully develop its effect at the beginning of the workout. We therefore recommend that you wait at least two hours after your last meal before taking the Pre Workout Booster. 

Of course, that doesn't mean you have to starve before training. On the contrary, the period between your last meal and your workout shouldn't be too long. Otherwise you will feel limp during training and your body will not be able to fall back on the energy reserves it needs to perform at its best. 

4.) Keep an eye on possible habituation effects

Breaks are important. Not only when exercising, but also when taking pre-workout boosters. This is especially true if your booster contains stimulants like caffeine. Sooner or later, tolerance develops, i.e. a habituation effect. This means you need larger doses of each ingredient to get the same effect. To prevent this, you should avoid taking such supplements on consecutive days if possible. And of course you don't have to start every workout with a training booster. One or the other pre-workout booster-free training day is even recommended. 

Of course, there is by no means the risk of tolerance building with every supplement. A look at the list of ingredients will tell you whether you need to keep an eye on the latter at all.  

5.) What about the lumps in the powder?

You only started your Pre Workout Booster a few days ago and you still find extremely unsightly lumps in the powder? Is the product now a case for the garbage can? No. It is normal for powder boosters to clump together slightly sooner rather than later. This is simply because the ingredients of many supplements have "hygroscopic" properties, for example L-arginine or citrulline malate. In other words: The powder practically attracts the smallest amounts of moisture and forms the unsightly lumps as a result. However, these are not harmful and they also have no influence on the effect. At the latest when you mix the powder with water, the problem will be solved again - in the truest sense of the word.

Who particularly benefits from pre workout boosters?

Brutal pump, razor-sharp focus, better performance: Thanks to their diverse effects, pre-workout boosters are equally interesting for strength and endurance athletes. In particular, athletes who are stuck on a stubborn plateau can take their performance to a new level with a pre workout booster.  

Pre workout boosters for women?

The idea that pre workout boosters are only for muscle-packed male athletes persists. In fact, women also benefit from the motivational and blood circulation-enhancing effects of pre-workout boosters. However, very few pre workout boosters are aimed directly at women. When taking it, therefore, pay attention to the weight difference that exists compared to male athletes, and proceed cautiously with the dosage. Otherwise apply to Pre workout booster for women same guidelines as for male boosters.

3 Tips For Buying Pre Workout Boosters

The best way to find out about the potential and concrete effects of a booster is to read a review. If you cannot find a review of the training booster you are looking for, a look at the list of ingredients will bring you further. In addition, there are three points that you should always consider when buying pre workout boosters. 

1.) Check out Propriety Blends

Some manufacturers rely on so-called "propriety blends". These are special ingredient mixtures that have been individually put together by the respective manufacturer. The term “matrix” is often used in connection with a specific effect. The difficulty: The exact composition of such a matrix is ​​usually not specified on the list of ingredients. A propriety blend can be cleverly put together and powerful. However, you cannot exactly understand how the respective ingredients are dosed - and it is more difficult to assess the effect of the pre-workout booster in advance. You should therefore slowly approach training boosters with propriety blends. In addition, it is recommended (if available) to read the corresponding review by booster junkies before taking it. 

2.) Don't overestimate the importance of creatine

There's no question about it, there are a number of benefits to taking creatine. While the substance used to be an insider tip among athletes, creatine is now one of the best-researched supplements in the entire fitness industry. The material has been shown to increase physical performance and strength and, thanks to water retention, also ensures a better look for the muscles. 

So does creatine belong in every good pre workout booster? Not really. In fact, there are some manufacturers who rely on creatine for this, but it is unlikely to have any noticeable effects. The reason: Creatine only unfolds its effect if it is taken daily in a sufficiently high, but harmless, dose. Pre workout boosters, however, are not designed for daily use. If a booster contains creatine, this is not a disadvantage - but definitely not a sales argument either. 

3.) Do not use pre workout boosters primarily to burn fat

Of course there are boosters that also have a positive effect on fat burning. A quick look at the list of ingredients reveals whether this is the case. Substances like taurine or piperine can certainly increase fat burning. Most of the time, the manufacturers point this fact prominently. However, increased fat burning or even weight loss is not the primary goal of a pre workout booster. If you want to specifically promote fat loss, fat burners are much more suitable supplements. The latter either specifically stimulate the metabolism and thus promote thermogenesis or ensure better fatty acid transport in the blood. 

What if the effect leaves something to be desired?

Actually, you did everything right. You have informed yourself in advance about the composition of the booster and followed all of our tips when buying. Nevertheless, the desired effect simply does not want to set in. We'll show you what that might be and how to proceed now. 

Adjust the dosage

Especially in the phase in which you are slowly approaching a new pre workout booster, it is not unusual that you do not feel a particularly intense effect. As soon as you are sure that you tolerate the supplement well, you can increase the dosage and gradually adjust it to the maximum manufacturer recommendation. In principle, the more you weigh, the higher the dosage has to be to achieve the desired effect. 

Check the ingredients list

It is quite possible that the effect of the booster is mainly based on caffeine. If you like to drink a lot of coffee anyway, you have very likely developed a tolerance to caffeine. So you have two options. 

  1. You are looking for a supplement that does not rely on caffeine.
  2. You stop taking caffeine for a while, so the habituation effect can recede.

Do not expect too much

We know that when a “razor-sharp focus” or a “brutal pump” is mentioned in the product description, expectations are high. Especially with pre-workout boosters, which - unlike hardcore boosters - do not encounter very hard stimulants, you should remain realistic. A sharpened focus doesn't make you Sherlock Holmes and an increased pump doesn't make you a Hulk. Of course, you should feel a significant improvement in your training performance after taking it. However, you shouldn't expect to suddenly juggle dumbbells that you could barely lift before. 

Question the quality of the booster

Sad but true: by no means every product can keep the manufacturer's full-bodied promises. If, despite the maximum dose, realistic expectations and the ruled out tolerance formation, there is no or only an inadequate effect, you may have simply come across a bad supplement. Or at least one that does not meet your very individual requirements. In that case, only one thing helps: Find another pre workout booster or choose one from our pre workout booster test. If you use a product from our ranking of the best pre workout boosters, you can be sure that we have put it through its paces. 

Side effects: are boosters dangerous?

In principle, legal pre-workout boosters have little or no side effects. If you are sensitive to a certain ingredient, a slight headache or stomach discomfort can result. In that case, you'd better use another booster. Boosters with stimulants such as caffeine can also make it difficult to fall asleep. In principle, you are therefore well advised not to train too late or to use a pre-workout booster without caffeine. 

However, caution is advised against hardcore boosters that rely on strong stimulants. You should always approach these carefully in order to keep possible side effects as low as possible. The notorious “crash” after training - a short period of bad mood and listlessness - can also occur after taking a hardcore booster. 

In addition, you should always stick to the dosage recommended by the manufacturer and never exceed it. Possible consequences of an overdose are, in particular, palpitations, internal restlessness and stomach problems. 

Do you feel slight side effects? This is how you behave right

Regardless of whether you get a headache, feel a little nausea or experience a rapid heartbeat: If you suspect that you are suffering from side effects in connection with the use of a pre-workout booster, proceed as follows. 

  1. No panic! As a rule, the minor side effects go away as quickly as they came. First try to take a deep breath.
  2. Pause your training for a moment - at least until you feel normal again. When in doubt, it is better to stop the workout and recover.
  3. Make sure that you haven't dosed the training booster too high - try a lower dose next time.
  4. If the side effects recur, stop taking the booster and instead switch to an alternative.
  5. See a doctor if side effects persist for a long time. 

Are there any cases with very severe side effects?

Cases of severe side effects are widely discussed in view of the significant increase in the number of booster users in Germany as well and are receiving corresponding attention. The fact is, however, that the few "blatant" cases were almost without exception the hardcore boosters described above with very strong stimulants - and not classic pre-workout boosters. 

Pre Workout Booster: Tingling sensation after ingestion

Do you feel a tingling sensation on your skin after taking the Pre Workout Booster? Don't worry, this "side effect" is not uncommon - and usually occurs when the booster contains beta-alanine or niacin. The two substances expand the blood vessels, which results in better oxygen and nutrient transport to the muscles. It is precisely this vasodilatation that sometimes makes the skin itchy. 

Pre workout boosters and medication

If you take medication regularly, you should always be careful when taking boosters of all kinds at the same time! The reason: Some ingredients can interact with certain drugs - and thus cause very violent, sometimes dangerous, side effects. 

Also good to know in this context: Black pepper extract (piperine) can not only increase the bioavailability or effect of booster ingredients, but also of drugs. If you take medication regularly, you must therefore always discuss the planned intake of a pre-workout booster with your doctor in advance. 

Buy pre workout booster or do it yourself?

No question about it, buying a pre workout booster is the most convenient way to train success. Whether it is actually the best depends heavily on your individual experiences and requirements. Perhaps you have had bad experiences with a particularly frequently used active ingredient or you don't want to miss a rather exotic substance in your booster? In that case you can have yours Make pre workout booster yourself. How exactly this works and what you have to consider when putting together your training booster, you can also read at Boosterjunkies. 

What other training boosters are there?

In addition to classic pre-workout boosters, there are a number of other training boosters. Good to know: Many of the supplements must also be taken promptly before training and contain features of a pre-workout booster. You should know the following types of boosters.

Pump booster

If you take a pump booster before training, you make sure that your muscles are optimally supplied with blood. The result: Your muscles receive a particularly large amount of nutrients and oxygen, which increases their performance and is ultimately reflected in accelerated muscle growth. Practical side effect: the characteristic pump effect makes your muscles look particularly plump - and your silhouette accordingly impressive. By the way: The best EU Pump Booster 2020 we have already examined it for you.  

EU booster

EU Boosters adhere to the very strict EU guidelines, which has a great influence on the type and dose of the stimulants used here. You will not find hard stimulants and high dosages in EU boosters. Accordingly, the majority of EU boosters are pure pump boosters. 

US Booster & Hardcore Booster

In the US, the guidelines are less strict than in Europe. Hardcore boosters, which enjoy legendary status not only in the USA but also in Europe, are therefore almost without exception US boosters that rely on hard stimulants. This includes in particular DMAA, DMHA and Co. athletes who have so far only been able to gain experience with EU boosters are therefore well advised to start with US boosters with a low dosage. Good to know: The best hardcore boosters 2020 as well as the best DMAA booster 2020 we also introduce you to Boosterjunkies. 

Nootropic Boosters

Nootropic boosters contain nootropic substances that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier. The (usually purely herbal) ingredients strengthen learning and memory performance, improve concentration and ensure a razor-sharp focus. And you benefit from the latter especially when training. 

Which booster is the right one before training?

You have to find out for yourself which type of booster is best for achieving your goals. To give you a rough guide: 

  • A pump booster is ideal if you want to take your physical performance to a new level without stimulants.
  • Do you often feel tired and unmotivated before training? Then pre workout boosters are just the thing to increase focus and inner drive.
  • Would you like to get the most out of body and mind with hardcore boosters? Then there is no alternative to US boosters. The extremely potent stimulants of hardcore boosters are aimed exclusively at experienced athletes.

Of course, Pump Boosters can also be combined well with pre-workout and hardcore boosters. 

Conclusion: It is worth taking a look at the details

We state: Pre Workout Boosters are available in a wide variety of variations. When choosing the right booster, it is particularly important to take a look at the list of ingredients - or the right review at booster junkies. If you don't have a specific product in mind, you will surely find inspiration in our Pre Workout Booster comparison. 

In addition to the selection of the booster, you should also pay attention to the correct intake. In particular, you should keep an eye on:

  • Time of ingestion
  • Time interval from the last meal
  • Dosage (also based on your weight)
  • Frequency of intake

And of course: Everyone reacts differently to the composition of boosters. In principle, you should therefore slowly approach Pre Workout Booster and not start with the maximum dosage. 

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