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APS Mesomorph V4 in the test

REVIEW: Mesomorph V4 from APS Nutrition - the new formula with geranium extract (what is behind it, DMAA?)

The story of the Mesomorph Booster from APS is truly an almost never-ending story, marked by many ups and downs. While the original version is still DMAA contained, this changed due to the increasingly restrictive legal situation with the other versions, which more or less disappointed die-hard hardcore booster users. In addition, there were numerous duplicates and fakes of the booster, which extremely damaged the reputation of the original APS Mesomorph. So now the original APS Mesomorph is going into the fourth round and prominently advertising with the slogan “Fueled by Geranium Exctract” - nothing else than DMAA so. Back to the roots. We are curious to see whether the latest version from APS can build on the success and above all the resounding effect of the original version.

Picture of the tin of the APS Nutrition Mesomorph V4

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APS Nutrition - Mesomorph V4

  • Increases the focus and has a euphoric effect
  • Increases the mind-muscle connection
  • No crash or severe side effects

Ingredients: What does the Mesomorph V4 contain?

As with the previous versions of the Mesomorph, the V4 comes with a proprietary blend or three of them, divided into a “Synthenox-Carnosine / Nitric Oxide Complex” formula, a “Mesowell-Cell Volumizing ATP Matrix” and the one for Stim -Junkie's most interesting matrix, the “Neuromorph-Energized Stimulant Matrix”.

The serving size is 1 scoop or a generous 15,5 grams, of which around 12 grams are active ingredients. It contains a total of 9 servings.

Synthenox-Carnosine / Nitric Oxide Complex: 6500 mg

Beta Alanine: The amino acid is a well known ingredient in many boosters. It reduces the PH value in the muscles and thus delays muscle fatigue. At the same time cares Beta alanine also for the typical "tingling sensation". The dosage here is 4000 mg and thus above the otherwise more common 3200 mg. However, all other dosages are not specified.

L-citrulline DL-Malate 2: 1: L-citrulline is a non-essential amino acid. It increases the arginine level and thus the production of nitric oxide. The popular vascularity results from the better blood circulation. In addition, the supply of nutrients to the muscles is improved and the removal of lactate is accelerated.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2:1: Arginine-Alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) is a highly bioavailable form of Arginine. Arginine in turn, is an essential starting material for the formation of nitric oxide and dilates the blood vessels, improves blood circulation and increases the supply of nutrients to the body - in short: pump

Mesowell Cell Volumizing ATP Matrix: 4500 mg

Dicreatine Malate: The connection with malic acid is said to improve the bioavailability of creatine. Creatine is one of the best researched supplements. It helps the body to re-synthesize new ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the universal energy carrier of our cells.

L-Taurine: The amino acid Taurine - known from various energy drinks - is in a sense an "all-rounder". It drives away tiredness, supports muscle building, boosts fat burning and increases cognitive performance.

Creatine nitrate: Creatine Nitrate is a form of creatine to which a nitrate molecule is also bound. In particular, non-responders can benefit from this Creatine Benefit form. In addition, it has a better bioavailability than Creatine Monohydrate.

Ascorbic acid 300mg 500%: Ascorbic acid or simply Vitamin C. This protects against oxidative stress and supports the immune system.

Creatinol-O-Phosphates: Again, this is a special form of Creatine with better bioavailability

Agmantine Sulphate: As a metabolic by-product of the amino acid Arginine. Arginine however, increases nitric oxide production many times more than Arginine and thus promotes blood flow in the muscles. Again, it's about one thing: massive pumps

Neuromorph-Neuro Energized Stimulant Matrix: 1860 mg

Glucuronolactones: Glucuronolactone is a carbohydrate that is part of the connective tissue of many animals and plant fibers and mucilage. Glucuronolactone is said to have performance-enhancing properties.

Methylxanthine Anhydrous: Works similar to Caffeine. In addition, methylxanthines are used in particular for the treatment of asthma and have a bronchodilator effect.

2-aminoisoheptanes HCI: Known by the name DMHA. So here's the first ingredient that stim junkies have been waiting for. DMHA causes a release of norepinephrine and dopamine. The result of this is a reduced feeling of pain, a greater willingness to perform and a slight euphoria.

Geranium Extract (stem & leaves): This is where the actual "main actor" comes into play. Geranium extract or also DMAA. The mode of action is similar to that of DMHA, only stronger.

Theobromine: The molecular structure of theobromine is essentially the same as that of Caffeine, but looks a little weaker. Theobromine increases physical and mental performance, has a mood-enhancing effect and is characterized by a long-lasting effect.

naringin (fruit): naringin (is responsible for the bitter taste in the grapefruit) is considered a perfect synergy substrate too Caffeine and significantly increases its bioavailability.

Quebracho Blanco Extract (bark): The bark of the quebracho tree becomes yohimbine won. It is known primarily for its potency-increasing effect. Also has yohimbine also one motivational and drive-increasing effect and is used for fat loss.

Conclusion ingredients:

The ingredients sound promising and are at least partially (such as Glucuronolactone or Methylxanthine Anhydrous) only rarely found in other boosters, unfortunately the dosages are not recognizable and are masked by the three proprietary blends. The addition of the different types of creatine or of Creatine in general, we do not consider the booster to be very useful because Creatine should be taken continuously over a longer period of time at a dosage of at least 3 grams. We were particularly pleased about the addition of geranium extract aka DMAA.

APS Nutrition Mesomorph V4 - pack design

As with its predecessors, the can comes either in the color white or in a transparent look (depending on the taste). The whole structure is rather “clinical” and not playful. A sticker with the words "Fueled by Geranium Extract" is emblazoned prominently on the lid. The matching sheets are shown in the middle of the sticker. The rest of the design is in the colors, white, red and blue. Under the monomorph lettering there is also the request “Unleash Your True Geneteic Potential” - an allusion to the mesomorphic body type?

On the back there are several paragraphs about the intake and why the Mesomorph Booster is so effective (this also refers to the dosage of Beta alanine received). An “off period” is also recommended. The whole thing also gives the booster the rather clinical "touch" mentioned above.

Taste and solubility

Typically for the ASP Mesomorph, it is available in many different flavors, these are:

  • Green apple candy
  • Carnival Cotton Candy
  • Snow cone
  • Grape
  • Rocket pop
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Tutti-frutti
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Tropical Punch

In particular, the typical American flavors such as Snow Cone and Rocket Pop found their fans early on.

We also tested the variant Rocket Pop. The recommended dose is 1 scoop (15,5 grams). The recommended amount of liquid is 8 - 10 OZ, i.e. around 235 ml - 295 ml, we took the whole thing with around 400 ml of water. It is mandatory for "newbies" to start with a ½ scoop (funnily enough this is justified by the presence of beta-alanine 😊)

After shaking, the water turns bluish-purple and some white powder residue remains on the bottom of the shaker. The solubility could be better.

In terms of taste, however, the booster knows how to convince. Typically American artificial and sweet, but not in a negative context. Keyword: rocket pop ice cream. Anyone who knows this ice cream knows exactly how to classify the booster. Only in the finish is a very slight bitter note noticeable, due to the many stimulants.


Effect of APS Nutrition Mesomorph V4

First of all: no booster works the same for all consumers, so effect reports are always subjective experience reports. The APS Mesomorph has been tested several times by two team members; the sensations were similar in both. You started right away with a whole scoop (15.5 g). After all, this is a full-scoop test portal 😊

🤓 alertness and energy (8/10)

It is recommended to take it 30-40 minutes before training. We can sign this like this. Compared to other boosters, the energy becomes noticeable quite late and builds up slowly. The peak of the energy level is reached after about 60 minutes.

For all lovers of Beta-alanine: A tingling sensation can be felt.

🤯 Focus and Drive (7/10)

The focus and the euphoria are there and above average. But you shouldn't expect tunnel vision here. The booster definitely lifts the mood.

💪 Pump and Vascularity (6/10)

The pumps can be described as average. No pronounced vascularity is noticeable, but you have a good mind-muscle connection and can thus easily control and hit the target muscles.

😈 Performance and exhaustion (8/10)

The performance in the gym is slightly above average and on a good level. There is no risk of over-turning completely. It's just fun to train hard and to be at a higher level than usual.

☠️ End of action and side effects (9/10)

After a total of around 3 - 3,5 hours after taking the booster, the effect of the booster wears off, but not suddenly and suddenly, but finishes off nicely. We did not notice any side effects, only falling asleep was a bit more difficult than usual after evening workouts, but it was quite possible. No comparison to some other booster that leaves you awake all night.

Price-performance ratio: Slightly more expensive than the average

The price of € 44,95 for 25 servings (with full portion size) corresponds to a portion price of around € 1,80. This puts the new mesomorph in the slightly higher price range. However, it must be noted that the portion size of 15,5 grams per scoop (of which around 12,9 grams of active ingredients) is quite generous.

Over-all conclusion

The Mesomorph V4 is an improvement on the previous version. However, it does not come close to the hardcore effect of the first version. Those who want this are well served with the recently tested Rage XXX from Centurion Labz. For all those who are looking for a booster that works beautifully and continuously and also has few side effects, the Mesomorph V4 is a good choice. It doesn't feel like an absolute stim-junkie booster, exercisers with booster experience can consume it several times a week (of course we officially advise against consuming boosters with such stimulants too often).

Picture of the tin of the APS Nutrition Mesomorph V4

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APS Nutrition - Mesomorph V4

  • Increases the focus and has a euphoric effect
  • Increases the mind-muscle connection
  • No crash or severe side effects
At a glance...
Our rating
  • Nice energy level, no "oversteer"
  • No unwanted side effects
  • Tasty taste
  • Pump and vascularity could be better
  • Anyone who expects a "hardcore effect" such as Rage XXX will be disappointed
Alertness and energy8
Focus and Drive7
Pump and Vascularity6
Performance and exhaustion8
Effects and side effects9

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