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OS Nutrition god pulse in the test

With names like "Ambrosia", "Uber" or "upFlave", the manufacturer OS Nutrition has repeatedly proven its knack for catchy and unusual names for its products. So also with his pre-workout with the (in our opinion) beautiful name god pulse.

“At the time when the titans rose to deprive the gods of their power, the gods saw only one last chance to avert their doom. In Tartarus they created a dark matter through which people obtained godlike power for the duration of a battle in order to stand shoulder to shoulder with the gods on an equal footing. They called this matter the GOD'S PULSE. ”Quote from OS Nutrition

OS Nutrition advertises with the highest quality standards, production in Germany, simple and detailed labels (keyword: transparency) and the absence of acesulfame K and aspartame in its products. OS Nutrition has been active on the supplement market since 2017 and is one of the established manufacturers in this field.

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OS Nutrition - Gods Pulse

What is included: Ingredients and dosages

Amount per serving (1 scoop / 8,5g)
L-Arginine-Alpha-ketoglutarate4000 mg
L-citrulline2200 mg
Beta-alanine3000 mg
Taurine1000 mg
N-acetylL-tyrosine1000 mg
Green tea extract250 mg
Caffeine250 mg
Grape seed extract200 mg
Panax Ginseng Extract80 mg

Ingredients: OS Nutrition god pulse

A total of 9 active ingredients are listed on the label, some of which are further subdivided. The topic of detailed label was definitely hit here. For vegans it should also be mentioned that the god pulse is vegan. Unfortunately, this notice is not found on the can itself, but only on the OS Nutrition homepage.

The serving size is 1 scoop or 15 grams and contains a total of 20 servings. Let's get to the individual ingredients and their dosages:

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate: This is a highly bioavailable form of Arginine. Contains a total of 4000 mg L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (short: AAKG), of which 2200 mg Arginine. The common dosage recommendations for AAKG are 3000 - 5000 mg per day, so this is a very good dosage.

L-citrulline: Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid, so the body can also produce it itself. Citrulline ensures increased nitrogen oxide production in the body and thus better blood circulation, which in turn provides the popular pump. With 4000 mg, the dosage is also very good.

Citrulline and Arginine make the perfect complement, as both work in the same way, but with a time lag. Out Arginine nitric oxide is formed immediately while Citrulline a preliminary stage of Arginine represents and is therefore only transformed.

Beta-alanine: This is also a non-essential amino acid. The supply of Beta-alanine leads to a delay in muscle fatigue. Many connect Beta-alanine especially with the typical "tingling sensation" after ingestion. A typical dosage is 3000 mg.

Taurine: This is also a non-essential amino acid. Taurine is considered an "all-rounder" in that it promotes alertness, boosts fat burning, increases mental performance and has an antioxidant effect. With 1000 mg, the dosage is also in a good dose, since the usual intake recommendations are 1000-3000 mg.

N-acetylL-tyrosine: L-tyrosine is also again a non-essential amino acid. L-tyrosine forms the preliminary stage of dopamine, which has a mood-enhancing effect. Overall should tyrosine Reduce stress and increase alertness and focus. N-acetyl tyrosine again is the acetylated form of L-tyrosine. It ensures a significantly faster absorption and better bioavailability of L-tyrosine.

There is a total of 1000 mg, of which 800 mg are again available L-tyrosine. Here, too, OS Nutrition has done a good job, as common dosage recommendations for N-acetylL-tyrosine between 300 mg and 1500 mg.

Green tea extract: Green tea extract is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, it is also said to lower blood pressure and promote heart health. A slightly increased fat burning should also set in. Therefore, green tea extract is an ingredient in almost all common fat burners. There is a total of 250 mg, of which 20 mg is present Caffeine. The dosage recommendations are between 250 and 500 mg. So thumbs up here too.

Caffeine: Caffeine increases physical performance, lifts the mood and increases motivation. With 250 mg, the dosage is rather average, as can be found in many EU boosters.

Grape seed extract: Grape seed extract works primarily as an antioxidant. The dosage recommendations vary, around 1 - 2 mg per kilogram of body weight are common. The dosage here is 200 mg.

Panax ginseng extract: The best-known effect is to improve mental performance. Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) is also known as Asian ginseng. The recommended dosage is 1000 mg. It only contains 80 mg.

Conclusion ingredients:

OS Nutrition relies in particular on "classic" ingredients that can already be found in many boosters. The dosages are largely adapted to the usual dosage recommendations.

Package design: OS Nutrition Götterpuls

Black and simple, that's the best way to sum up the design. The manufacturer's name, the product name and the flavor can be found on the front in white letters on a black background. On the back is the table with the ingredients and the dosages. In addition, the consumption recommendation, list of ingredients and information on consumption. Everything is very exemplary and easy to read.

Taste and solubility: residue-free and nice and fruity!

The god pulse is available in 6 flavors, these are:

• Cola
• Red fruits
• Mango
• raspberry
• watermelon
• Exotic fruits

We also tested the red fruit flavor variant. The recommended dose is 1 scoop (15 grams). The recommended amount of liquid is 200 ml.

After shaking, the powder dissolves almost completely without leaving any residue.

In terms of smell, the finished drink is reminiscent of red grits and this is also the best way to describe the taste. Nice and fruity with the whole range of red fruits and not too sweet.


Effect: OS Nutrition god pulse

First of all: No booster works the same for all consumers, so effect reports are always subjective experience reports. The god's pulse was tested several times by two team members; the sensations were similar in both. The test was carried out with a scoop.

🤓 alertness and energy (7/10)

After around 20-30 minutes you will notice an increase in the energy level and alertness. The booster does not "kick" suddenly, rather the energy builds up steadily. That Beta-alanine causes a slight tingling sensation in the face.

🤯 Focus and Drive (5/10)

Here the god pulse cannot keep up with the top league. A healthy mediocrity of focus can be attested here. In view of the ingredients, this is not surprising, as a few ingredients are still missing to generate the proverbial tunnel vision.

💪 Pump and Vascularity (6/10)

Here, too, one has to say that the gods' pulse cannot play right at the top. The pumps move at an average and solid level. One cannot expect a vein-bursting pump here.

😈 Performance and exhaustion (6/10)

The performance in the gym is solid to good. Of course, this cannot be compared with a hardcore booster, but the god pulse cuts a fine figure for a “daily driver”.

☠️ End of action and side effects (8/10)

The effect lasts for about 2 hours and no side effects of any kind can be noted.

Price-performance ratio: midfield

At 30 euros for 20 servings, the booster is in the middle of the price range. This results in a price of around € 1,50 per serving.

Over-all conclusion

The god's pulse does not particularly stand out in any category, but it does not have any serious weaknesses. This booster should particularly appeal to newbies and beginners. However, if you are already a more experienced booster user, we would rather recommend a different product, as the god's pulse will then be a bit too weak for you. However, the god pulse is ideally suited to "pimp" it a little, for example by 1 or 2 ingredients for the focus or the pump.

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OS Nutrition - Gods Pulse

At a glance...
Our rating
  • Tasty taste
  • No unwanted side effects
  • Good average in all categories
  • Doesn't stand out in any category
Alertness and energy7
Focus and Drive5
Pump and Vascularity6
Performance and exhaustion6
Effects and side effects8

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