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BPS Pharma - 4 Your V3INZ Plus in the test

Review: BPS Pharma 4 Your V3INZ Plus

From the # Not4Pussy lineup from BPS-Pharma we want to take a closer look at the product with the promising and melodious name "4 Your V3inz Plus". In particular, the Not4Pussy Pre-Workout Booster is very popular and is largely responsible for the awareness of BPS Pharma. With 4 Your V3einz Plus, the manufacturer has now launched a product in capsule form that consists of just one active ingredient and is intended to provide the ultimate pump: nitrosigin

BPS Pharma 4your v3inz plus
BPS Pharma 4your v3inz plus ingredients
Image of the BPS Pharma 4YOUR V3INZ Plus can

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BPS Pharma - 4 Your V3INZ Plus

  • Very good pump
  • Slight increase in energy and focus
  • Long duration of action

What is included: Ingredients and dosages

Amount per serving (1 scoop / 8,5g)
Nitrosigine (L-Arginine-silicate inositol complex)1000 mg

Ingredients of the NP Nutrition Doom

Nitrosigin contains only one active ingredient, the serving size is 1 capsule = 1000 mg. The recommended dosage is usually 750 - 1500 mg.

Nitrosigine is an active ingredient patented by Nutrition21, which is made from the amino acid L-Arginine and silicate. This compound is stabilized by inositol, a vitamin-like substance. The aim is to counteract the breakdown of nitrosigin in the body and extend the duration of its action.

In particular L-Arginine most of you should know, because it is represented in almost every pump booster there Arginine forms the starting material for the formation of nitric oxide (NO), which in turn dilates the blood vessels and improves blood flow, which ultimately results in the desired pump.

Conclusion ingredients:

In theory, the promised effects of nitrosigin read impressive. It should have an effect on the NO level that is up to 500% stronger than L-Arginine alone and also increase the energy level and focus. As if this weren't enough, the regeneration should also be optimized. So we can be curious whether Nitrogisin really does what it says on the tin.

Package design

The product comes in a black capsule jar. The entire design is reduced to the colors black, red, silver and white. Due to its presentation, the whole can seems quite "aggressive" and definitely not restrained.

All necessary information (ingredients, consumption recommendations, allergy information, warnings, storage recommendations, best-before date) can be found on the back. There are also various seals of approval (such as vegan, keto-friendly, etc.) on the product.


The product is only available in capsule form and is therefore tasteless.

BPS Pharma 4 Your V3INZ Plus effect

First of all: No booster or product has the same effect on all consumers, so effect reports are always subjective experience reports. The capsules were tested several times by two team members; the sensations were similar in both. At the beginning, the test was carried out with the recommended consumption recommendation, i.e. 1 capsule, later with 2 capsules (whereby the portion size for 1 capsules is listed on the BPS Pharma website in addition to the portion size for 2 capsule.).

The effect sets in quickly, after around 15-20 minutes you can already notice how the veins begin to emerge. In the course of the training, an increasingly stronger pump becomes noticeable, which remains at a high level over the entire training units. Only long after training, around 4 - 5 hours after ingestion, does the effect begin to wear off.

🤓 alertness and energy (4/10)

Here, of course, it must be noted that the product is stimulant-free and that the pump is the primary focus. Nevertheless, we were able to observe a slight increase in the energy level (of course not comparable to a “classic booster”).

🤯 Focus and Drive (8/10)

We didn't expect it, but we could feel some improvement in focus performance. Which is unusual, because the 4 YOUR V3INZ capsules are primarily designed to promote the pump. What we have noticed is of course not the famous "tunnel vision", but a noticeably stronger concentration and training focus. We were positively surprised by this, which is why we rate the category with 8 out of 10 points.

💪 Pump and Vascularity (9/10)

This is clearly the parade discipline of the product. Even one capsule noticeably promotes the pump, which also lasts a surprisingly long time (4+ hours are not uncommon). With two capsules, the pump is a bit stronger, but in our opinion 1 capsule is completely sufficient here, unless you are absolute pump enthusiasts 😉

😈 performance and exhaustion

No rating here, as it is not a classic booster.

☠️ End of action and side effects (10/10)

The end of the effect is reached after about 4 - 5 hours. Side effects could not be observed.

Price-performance ratio: fair

100 capsules at our partner shop cost € 37,95. However, since you get between 50 to 100 servings here and also because of the patented active ingredient, the price is reasonable. And as we have read: the product works.

Over-all conclusion

As a stand-alone product and with only one active ingredient, the pump level is really impressive. The slight increase in energy and focus are also convincing. If you want to get the most out of the product, simply combine it with your favorite booster and take the pump to another level.

Image of the BPS Pharma 4YOUR V3INZ Plus can

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BPS Pharma - 4 Your V3INZ Plus

  • Very good pump
  • Slight increase in energy and focus
  • Long duration of action
At a glance...
Our rating
  • Very good and long-lasting pump
  • Slight increase in energy and focus
  • We cannot report anything negative
Alertness and energy4
Focus and Drive8
Pump and Vascularity9
Effects and side effects10

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