The Best Pump Boosters of 2021 - Part 1: EU Brands

The market for training boosters is growing and growing and with it the requirement profiles of the individual pre-workouts are also specified. In addition to all-in-one products, brain & mood enhancers and classic ultra-concentrated stimbombs, the pump boosters have now also risen to become a product that is in high demand.

Especially for training units in the late evening hours, or in strictly regulated and monitored competition preparations that restrict the use of stimulants and many other ingredients, are pre-workouts that focus solely on optimizing the nutrient supply of the muscle, its ideal blood flow and maximizing it limit the muscle feeling, makes sense.

While amino acids like Arginine, Citrulline and ornithine are part of the standard profile when it comes to improving blood flow, many other ingredients have recently emerged as potent supporters of vascularity and muscle fullness.
To name just a few of them, active ingredients such as epicatechin, beetroot extract and pine bark extract promise other amino acids such as L-Norvaline or patent raw materials such as GlycerSize and HydroMax as well as Nitrosigine, NO3-T and S7 a noticeable increase in muscle volume and increased visibility of arteries and blood vessels.

Having seen both in rankingsas well as individual Reviews We want to have put numerous boosters in the hardcore segment under the microscope, put them through their paces and then ranked them Booster junkies now take a closer look at pump supplements.

We have put together our top list of the very latest and best pump boosters based on composition, price-performance ratio, taste, layout and, last but not least, effect.

The ranking is limited to pre-workouts WITHOUT stimulants and will also appear in the form of 2 parts. In the first, now following section, we introduce you to 4 boosters from EU brands that initially seem less innovative and experimental in terms of their composition, but are completely convincing in terms of dosage, synergy and legality.

In the second part, we will also focus on international products with interesting novelties and add exciting candidates to our list.

IMPORTANT: We do not claim to be complete or objective correctness. Although it is our best and most honorable intention to only draw your attention to the most potent and highest quality pump boosters and to place them accordingly, we still want to point out one thing:

The effect of a pump booster also varies greatly from athlete to athlete and is dependent on many factors. On the one hand, it is based solely on subjective and individually physically experienced impressions, on the other hand, nutrition, hydration, type of training, insulin sensitivity and much more play a role. an essential role in the development of muscle fullness and feeling, vascularity and, last but not least, tolerance (Sidenote: Some active ingredients cause blood pressure to drop, which can have severe effects on the digestive tract).

As a team of professionally studied and practically experienced athletes, it is our goal to show you tendencies and to represent our own impressions as well as impressions from customers and friends. In doing so, we take into account promises and advertising slogans of the companies and products presented and compare them with expectations and ultimately experiences.
If analyzes or background information are available, we clarify the ingredients and effects, but we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the substances actually contained in certain cases.
Basically, however, we only trust products that are renowned, work and appear to be of high quality and come from a reputable and credible company.

The following is a presentation of four of the best 2021 pump boosters from European brands.

# 4 - ESN - Crank Pump

There is little need to say a lot about ESN. The well-known house brand of the online shop “Fitmart” and the bodybuilding forum “Team-Andro” has been one of the absolute frontrunners on the European scene for years and dominates the protein and supplement market.
With the Crank series, ESN sells a number of evidence-based supplements for training optimization, in this case for the maximum NO boost.

For this purpose, the Crank Pump consists of a high-dose matrix L-citrulline, LArginine, Ornithine HCL, glutathione, Taurine, Pine bark extract and Glycerol.

A portion of 20g (20 servings - 29,39 €) provides 6g L-citrulline Malate, 3,5g of the patented Glycopump, 3g L-Arginine-AKG, 2,5g ornithine HCL, 2g Taurine, 400mg pine bark extract and 200mg L-glutathione.

This pump supplement thus provides an all-encompassing matrix for strong expansion of the blood vessels and thus for increased blood flow and ideal hydration of the muscle cells.

The results spoke for themselves, both visually and tactile, and attest the ESN Crank a legitimate place in this ranking. Only the dosage of the active ingredient could be increased at one point or another, but the result in symbiosis and as a whole is absolutely consistent and satisfactory.

An illustration of the ESN Crank Pump Booster

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ESN - Crank Pump

  • Comprehensive active ingredient matrix
  • strong expansion of blood vessels and ideal hydration of muscle cells
  • 6g L-citrulline Contain malate

# 3 PEAK - Epic Pump

The Peak brand has also been enriching the supplement game in this country for many years and is one of the most sought-after brands in the scene, thanks to the many big names in its team.

The Epic Pump rolls up the field from behind and shocks with a whopping 16g Nitric Oxide precursors and the promising nickname "Hardcore Veins Stretcher". It is not only the epitome of the “maximum dosage” feature, but also impresses with its maximum bioavailability of well-chosen substrates and special compounds.

The Epic Pump delivers 25g of the established and potent amino acid per 20g (29,39 servings - 8 €) L-citrulline Malate and top it up with another 6g of the L-AAKG. There are also 4g Taurine, another 2 grams of L-Arginine in nitrate form and 1g beetroot juice extract.

The training booster thus maximizes the Arginine-Levels in the blood and optimizes nitric oxide synthesis thanks to effective nitrate compounds.

Even if the supplement facts seem rather simple and plain, their dosage alone testifies to know-how and has corresponding effects. Only in its long-term effect does the Epic Pump have room for improvement, but the visual effects are impressive for the duration of the training.

Pictures of the pump booster Epic Pump from Peak

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PEAK - Epic Pump

  • High dosage of active pump ingredients
  • 8g L-citrulline and 6g L-AAKG
  • Impressive pump

# 2 NP NUTRITION - The Future

For a long time, NP Nutrition acted under the radar of many strength and fitness athletes and, above all, had to struggle with a simple layout and outdated image. But after an impressive reanimation with the help of well-known influencers and experts from the scene, NP Nutrition managed to turn around within a very short time and was able to win many up-and-coming as well as established bodybuilding athletes and professionals for its team and has since then been constantly expanding its portfolio with ingenious products Knowledge and quality.

The Future is based on the testing and comparison of numerous competing products and claims to be something completely new and to be considered the non-plus-ultra in terms of stimulus-free pre-workout supplements.

For approx. 22,7g (22 servings - 39,20 €) 6g L-citrulline5g Glycerol4g AAKG2g Arginine Nitrate and 1g beetroot extract combined.

This leads to a maximum of dilated blood vessels and increases the supply of nutrients to the muscles. In addition, there is the positive effect of actively removing unwanted waste products and pollutants.

The characteristics and duration of the effects are always impressive, only with regard to taste and creativity is the formula a little flat - #MeckernAufHohemNiveau

Image of the pump booster The Future from NP Nutrition

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NP Nutrition - The Future

# 1 BPS Pharma - Not4Pussy Ultimate Pump Matrix

Anyone looking for unusual products, innovative combinations of active ingredients and extreme effects will find them at BPS Pharma. The bird of paradise among EU brands has dared to play with fire since its inception and likes to play in the legal gray area. The hardcore boosters, libido enhancers and fat burner caps of the psychedelic brand like to fall back on one or the other dubious substance.

However, the Ultimate Pump Matrix is ​​different, which impresses with its flawless and legal composition of well-tried and new exciting active ingredients. Anyone who has known the German market to date will look in vain for comparable products of this type.

Because unlike many competing products, the nitrosigine from the USA is the linchpin of the pump booster. This patented form of the amino acid L-Arginine has a reputation for being particularly long-lasting.

Each 12g serving (22 servings - € 38,95) combines 3,75g L-citrulline, 1,305g Nitrosigine, 300mg Taurine, 170mg Pine Bark Extract and 68mg Pycnogenol or pine bark extract to a pump matrix with a very special spectrum of activity.

Because despite the fact that a portion size is comparatively small, the pumping effect lasts disproportionately long and has proven to be the strongest to date. With none of the products mentioned so far, the muscles were so plump and full.
Although the complexion was less changed (in terms of vascularity), the muscle circumference and roundness were outstandingly enlarged and even after training you were round and wide all day.

BPS Pharma Not4Pussy Ultimate Pump Matrix

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BPS Pharma - Not4Pussy ULTIMATE Pump Matrix

  • Special pump matrix thanks to nitrosigine and other active ingredients
  • Extremely strong pumping effect
  • Very long-lasting effect

Now it depends on you! - What have you eaten, have you drunk enough, what type of training do you follow, how do you metabolize the ingredients?

In the end, all four candidates are truly potent and serve their purpose more than satisfactorily. To what extent your high dosages of the classics Arginine and Citrulline preferred, or prefer to fall back on novelties and possibly top it up with comparatively low-priced amino acids, is up to you. The definition of pump, whether it is particularly vascular or particularly round and plump, also plays a role in choosing the right pump booster.
All boosters are available in our partner shop STAYFOCUSED.DE for the prices indicated (see brackets) and are definitely worthwhile if you do not want to put together and mix yourself.

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