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American Metabolix HAVOK Hardcore in the test

"QP2 - Quality, Purity and Potency"

The American manufacturer American Metabolix has committed itself to this claim with the completion of every product since it was founded in 2012. The founders of the company are Jason Duran and Markus Trillsch, who were previously responsible for innovative influences in the supplement industry and, in Jason's case, for example, had successfully established well-known companies on the market (Cellucor). In 2011, both of them, who were still involved at Cellucor at the time, decided to break new ground and get away from bloated product designs and cheap run-of-the-mill formulas
to give up. In order to position the company in the best possible way economically, they found an experienced businessman, Robert Smith, Executive Manager at Samsung and Apple.

Company owners, hired scientists and sponsored athletes have invested more than 2 years together to design a training booster that meets the highest demands in addition to a wide range of ketogenic supplements. The primary goal was a pre-workout that provides intense and continuous energy without unwanted side effects and after-pains. The result is a product that is neither intended for beginners nor for occasional pumpers, but is truly one of the most potent and strongest boosters in a long time. The basis and hobbyhorse of the booster are exclusively clinically dosed key ingredients that are disclosed in a completely transparent formula. American Metabolix itself speaks of a flawless HARDCORE product. Reason enough for the BOOSTERJUNKIES to accept this judgment and put the HAVOK HARDCORE through its paces. So much is promised in advance - Duran and Trillsch did everything right!

Experience report on the hardcore pre-workout product HAVOK HARDCORE from American Metabolix

The "Keto King" Jason Wittrock also had a finger in the game with this supplement, although the HAVOK HARDCORE cannot be assigned to the manufacturer's ketogenic line, which is otherwise led by products such as Keto Lift and the Keto Meal. The hardcore training booster not only comes up with a comprehensive portion size of 16 grams and thus stands out from simple, ultra-concentrated blindshots, which are based on less sophisticated formulas based on amphetamine derivatives without further clues, but even encodes them according to the motto “Full Disclosure Workout ”in its entirety.

Which active ingredients can be found in the hardcore booster HAVOK HARDCORE from American Metabolix?

As already mentioned, there are quite a few well-dosed, but above all very effective ingredients in one serving of Havok Hardcore on a whopping 16,1g. Corresponding to a hardcore booster of the highest quality, a serving includes substances that provide both a full pump and a violent energy or a violent focus. Accordingly, the transparent supplement facts are divided into HAVOK HARDCORE PUMP TECHNOLOGY and HAVOK HARDCORE ENERGY & FOCUS FORMULA. SO WHAT'S IN THE AMERICAN METABOLIX HAVOK HARDCORE? - WE LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS IN DETAIL:

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L-citrulline (6g):

Almost with the first ingredient, American Metabolix already fulfills the promise of a full pump and supplies the non-proteinogenic alpha-amino acid L-citrulline Almost in such a comprehensive dosage as is otherwise only known from pure PumpBoosters. Citrulline is known to increase the NO levels in our blood even better than Arginine itself. This leads to widened vessels, which not only visually express themselves in a vascular look and plump muscles, but also ensure a better supply of blood and nutrients to the muscles. Ultimately, the athlete benefits from better training, improved regeneration and, last but not least, a more appealing look. At the same time, a noticeable pump increases the sensitivity of the muscle feeling and fuels energy and endurance.

Beta-Alanine (3,2g):

This essential amino acid, often found in meat and dairy products, serves as an energy substrate, which is converted into glucose in the liver. With the conversion of Beta-alanine pyruvate is accompanied by an increase in the blood sugar level and, thanks to the rapid supply of energy, longer-term supplementation of Beta-alanine achieve an increase in endurance. It serves as a buffer for "muscle protection", since proteins do not have to be released from the muscles' own stores in order to obtain glucose. Why it is listed in the pump matrix is ​​not entirely understandable at this point, even though it meets the usual dosage recommendation with 3,2g. Nonetheless, only makes long-term use of Beta-alanine Meaning and does not express itself in an acutely noticeable effect.

Betaine anhydrous (1,2g):

This active ingredient is also often found in beetroot, a natural food that should also be well known among pump fans. betaines supports the expansion of the cell volume of the muscle cell due to increased hydration and also causes the release of IGF-1 to build muscle tissue. Evidence-based betaines in connection with the promotion of lean mass, strength and endurance. 1,2g corresponds to about half of the dosages used in studies. However, support of the pump is also achieved with this amount.

agmatines Sulfates (aggression) (1g):

Agmatine falls under the category of novel foods and, as aminoguanidine, independently forms enzymes that have both vasodilating properties and nitric oxide-releasing mechanisms. So one says Agmatine an even more potent effect than Arginine or Citrulline to promote the pump after. Subjectively, the pump is through Agmatine somewhat fuller or more voluminous and less vascular - this varies depending on the consumer, water balance and body composition.

Taurine (1g):

Taurine is by definition an aminosulfonic acid and is involved in the development of the brain and the visual apparatus, but also in the functionality of the heart, muscles and the components of the blood - leukocytes and thrombocytes. Proven is Taurine Involved in the burning of fat and can further stimulate it through supplementation, as well as the excretion of cholesterol in the stool. With regard to an improvement in the pump, the mechanism of Taurine have been taken into account to optimize the fluid balance of the muscle cell and not only to expand it in volume but also to optimize its nutrient supply.


N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (500mg):

The amino acid known as a mood enhancer L-tyrosine is more bioavailable in this form than it already is for conversion into, for example, thyroid hormones in the body. Unfortunately, the dosage is a bit meager, so that an effect seems less noticeable, especially since no synergist that supports the effect was used.

Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg):

The stimulation of the CNS, glycogen and lipid metabolism to increase alertness and concentration is well known and does not require a lengthy description. 250mg is a full, but a sensible dose, if you take into account the other ingredients it contains, which do not overload the booster in terms of its stimulating effect. Due to the amount contained Caffeine Therefore, known side effects such as restlessness, shakiness or even racing heart should not be expected.

Choline Bitartrate (200mg):

Choline is a potent regulator of breathing, blood pressure and heartbeat and, last but not least, promotes cognitive abilities. Since it has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate, it is an essential factor in promoting the intended tunnel vision and focus of this booster. Compared to other PreWorkout products, a more extensive dosage of this ingredient was chosen, which also has a positive effect on the effect.

2-amino-5-methylhexane HCL (150mg):

DMHA, 1,4-DMAA, Juglans regal - The child has many names and shapes ... The fact is, it is the more expensive variant of the very popular stimulant known as the monoamine releasing agent of catecholamines, dopamine and norepinephrine. It is similar to amphetamine in its effects, but less stimulating and heart-active. By blocking certain receptors, dopamine and norepinephrine remain active in the body for longer and create euphoria and alertness. 150mg is a really healthy dose that far exceeds the safe “starting dose” of 1mg / kg.

Methyliberine (as Dynamine 40% tasteless) (125mg):

This is a patented dem Theacrine structurally related substance, which, similar to the one already described above, also has an effect on receptors for dopamine etc. and activates these neurotransmitters in the body system. As a result, this material also promotes focus, energy and a pleasant feeling.

Dicaffeine Malate (as Infinergy) (75mg):

Infinergy is basically nothing more than the combination of malic acid and Caffeine. Infinergy contains the active ingredients in a ratio of 3: 1, so that we get about another 56g Caffeine win. To what extent doCaffeine Malate is actually more potent than conventional one Caffeine or acts synergistically with other stimulants has not yet been scientifically proven.

Hordinine HCL (50mg):

As a MAO inhibitor, intensified and prolonged Hordes the effect of many neurotransmitters, including the concentration and euphoria-increasing substances dopamine and norepinephrine.

Rauwolfina vomitoria (Root Bark) (Std 90% Alpha Yohimbine) (1mg):

Different to Yohimbine HCL is alpha Yohimbine does not stimulate blood circulation, but stimulates the release of dopamine and norepinephrine at the same time. Even though 1mg doesn't seem like much at first, just a few milligrams of this active ingredient are enough to have a euphoric and concentration-promoting effect!


In theory alone, this booster impresses with a sophisticated combination of pump-increasing ingredients, paired with proper stimulants, which in their individual doses and their symbiosis represent a conglomerate of the best focus boosters. The anticipation of this training booster can rightly turn out to be great, because on the sheet of paper alone, this jar has everything that belongs to a completely satisfactory overall package. Although the booster allows a vitamin or mineral complex to be mixed, which in practice mostly promises easy absorption of the stimulative after-pains, these have been processed so coherently and carefully that this is no longer necessary. In addition, this pre-workout is very balanced and, unlike many competing products, is not disproportionately overdosed or underdosed in one place. Quite the opposite - American Metabolix has adhered to common, recommended dosage recommendations, but above all raw material qualities, and processed quantities of the individual ingredients that have been proven in practice, regardless of possibly higher production costs. Small points of criticism can be made regarding the application of Beta-alanine and the possibly somewhat lower dosage of Acetyl L-tyrosine attach, which, however, in the latter case is not very important due to the strong synergistic effect.


Ingestion / taste

At this point we unfortunately have to start with one point of criticism. American Metabolix recommends the dosage and intake to be able to consume the product for up to 8 weeks before taking a break for 4 weeks. The whole thing is put into perspective, at least with restrictions, by only referring to the intake on training days. At this point it should be expressly emphasized that a booster should only be taken in exceptional cases or at irregularly large intervals. In doing so, one is or should not be oriented and bound to fixed times, nor set certain cycles. The fact that a booster makes less or no sense on training days for smaller muscle groups or even less or no sense at all does not really need to be mentioned at this point! Otherwise, American Metabolix states on the booster packaging to mix one scoop in 6-8oz of water and consume 30 minutes before training.

To test the taste, we had the flavor BombSicle. The taste can be described as typically American, which can be summarized as indefinitely sweet, but definitely tasty. Due to its texture and the behavior in liquid, the powder suggests high quality and high-quality processing, because there is absolutely nothing to complain about with regard to solubility, grain size, etc.! As an aside, it should also be mentioned that American Metabolix put a lot of effort into designing the can and is a unique selling point in terms of its brand design on the market. The can format is a bit flatter, but larger or wider and is kept in a harmonious black-red color combination. American Metabolix lists the most important declarations including the GMP seal, etc., and does not dispense with the placement of their Snapchat symbol and other social media channels. This shows that the company has followed the ravages of time and tries to be present with the public! - Thumbs up for that at this point! Nevertheless, especially with a view to the positive test result, we would be happy if the brand looks a little more aggressively the way forward to its consumers!


The year 2019 produced a new leader in the hardcore booster category, because to date this gem of a pre-workout has remained unchallenged in terms of its effect. We had to wait a long time for a training booster that generated such a pleasant but potent drive and at the same time knew how to deliver it with confidence in terms of pumps and pleasant aftereffects. Not only does the Havok Hardcore look completely satisfactory, it is so balanced and comfortable in its spectrum that it almost opens up a new category of hardcore boosters. Most of the time, every potent strobe bomb has at least one small downer, which manifests itself in the form of a crash, tremor, loss of appetite, a tireless alertness or the like, but the Harok Hardcore comes, delivers and the only thing that remains is an outstanding training including PRs, inflated muscles and tube-like veins.

What more do you want? - we ask at this point!

The old days when boosters hit the market, set new standards and sparked real hype and enthusiasm are unforgettable. The Havok Hardcore can undoubtedly be assigned to this claim and this booster would rightly deserve more attention and increased marketing. At this point, we are doing our best to promote the corresponding and warmly recommend this product to you.

Price-performance ratio - the conclusion

A can of American Metabolix Havok Hardcore provides 385 grams of content and thus 25 servings. At a retail price of 44,95 euros in our partner shop STAYFOCUSED, this makes a price of around 1,80 euros per serving. This pre-workout is a bit more expensive than competing products, but in our opinion it delivers accordingly better and makes this money a worthwhile investment!

Please consider that some of the ingredients, including DM ** and others, are considered doping according to the statute of the FDA and can therefore be detected in a control and accordingly sanctioned. The traceability of many substances or their metabolites is not clearly defined and may lead to a ban on competitions by WADA even after several months!

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Our rating
Our rating
  • comprehensive, sophisticated serving size
  • intensive, balanced spectrum of effects
  • unreservedly positive effects of consumption (no crash etc.!)
  • irresponsible declaration (consumption recommendation)
  • slightly improvable ingredients (Beta-alanine)
  • too defensive marketing!
Ingredients and dosage9

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