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Centurion Labz - God Of RAGE Reloaded in the test



What a debut that Centurion Labz celebrated with the RAGE across Europe. The brand impressed with a founding team of concentrated competence and a layout that knew how to inspire with high quality and coolness.
It wasn't RAGE at all that opened the product range of the American brand in our realms, but with God of Rage Centurion Labz sent a silent pioneer into the race last year. Its new edition and modification should now fill up and supplement the shelves in this country in a meaningful way.

Experience report on the hardcore pre-workout product GOD OF RAGE RELOADED from Centurion Labs

The Centurion Labz brand is the protégé of the two founders Dr. Nicholas Puccio and Dr. Joseph Kepko. Puccio is a Columbus, New Jersey based chiropractor and Kepko received his medical doctorate from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been practicing for more than 20 years. Both have been producing evidence-based supplements since the company was founded and have established themselves in the hardcore segment or the legal gray area of ​​dietary supplements. While the brand had an unprecedented start and hype in America not only because of the support of IFBB pro Guy Cisternino, it also managed to gain ground with the help of the DMAA-Boosters Rage to place catapult-like at the top of the European booster rankings.

With the God of Rage Reloaded, the brand with the warlike-looking symbol of a Sparty helmet in the logo is now expanding its range to include another hardcore booster, which relies on a cocktail of other stimulants and, that much has been teased in advance, has a completely different effect than the previous draft horse

Centurion God Of Rage cover picture

Which active ingredients are found in the hardcore booster God of Rage Reloaded from Centurion Labz?

The God of Rage Reloaded impresses with a completely transparent presentation of its ingredients. The list of Supplements Facts is of high quality and quantity for a hardcore booster and consists mainly of synthetic and herbal stimulants.

One serving is equivalent to 12,8 grams, of which 12 grams are active ingredients.

Centurion God Of Rage cover picture

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Buy Centurion Labz - God of Rage Reloaded

  • Stim booster
  • 200mg DMHA
  • extreme focus and long-lasting effect

Ingredients and dosage of Centurion Labz - RAGE

But now to the really important things: Let's talk about the ingredients and their dosages.

Amount per serving
Vitamin D2000 IU
Vitamin C300 mg
Vitamin B12 30 mcg
L-citrulline Malates4000 mg
Beta-alanine3.200 mg
Creatine Monohydrate3.000 mg
Taurine500 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous250 mg
Theobromine100 mg
2-Amino² (2-amino-5-methylheptane /2-amino-6-methylheptanes)200 mg
Eria Jarensis Extract150 mg
Mucuna Prurries100 mg
Choline bi-tart100 mg
Hordinine25 mg
Higenamine20 mg
Huperzine-A100 mcg

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Centurion Labz God Of RAGE Reloaded back
Centurion Labz God Of RAGE Reloaded Ingredients
Centurion Labz God Of RAGE Reloaded pic 1



Vitamin D: This vitamin, also known as cholecalciferol (D3) and ergocalciferol (D2) in its nutritionally relevant forms, is known for its positive influence on the absorption of Calcium and phosphorus from the intestines. In doing so, it regulates mineralization and the growth of bones and teeth. As with the "sunVitamin D3“Well known, it is usually sufficiently synthesized in the body when there is sufficient presence of sunlight and is also added to foods such as milk, butter and margarine in many industrialized countries. Nonetheless, a low-level supplementation can make sense, for example within the range of 200-400 IU daily.
Da Vitamin D in the amount of 2000 IU has been processed in the God of Rage Reloaded, an additional supply of the vitamin is not advisable on boosted training days, as diarrhea can be expected in the event of intolerance and overdoses, depending on the tolerance. In the case of long-term overdoses, science even points to the risk of calcium storage in the heart, blood vessels and bronchi.

Vitamin C: There is no doubt that ascorbic acid is one of the best-known and most frequently used forms of exogenously supplied vitamins. By converting the amino acids proline and lysine to hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, exercise Vitamin C has a positive influence on the synthesis of the connective tissue protein collagen. It also synthesizes steroid hormones from cholesterol while reducing a stress-related increase in cortisol.
Furthermore lowers Vitamin C the susceptibility to infection and increases the good HDL cholesterol in the blood.
Dosage recommendations for athletes are around 200-500mg daily, but the expert opinions fluctuate very strongly due to a wide variety of influencing factors (e.g. loss of sweat, etc.) and, according to anecdotes (Nobel laureate Linus Pauling died at the age of 93, consumed 10g ascorbic acid daily!), Very high. In spite of a lack of scientific evidence, especially high-performance athletes report lower susceptibility to infection, better regeneration and faster healing of injuries when taking high doses. In weight training there is 1 gram each Vitamin C not uncommon in the morning, before and after training, as well as before going to bed. The God of Rage Reloaded contains 200mg per serving.

Vitamin B12The orally available form of the vitamin B12 is called Dibencozide and was advertised as an ergogenic or muscle building substance in the 80s. At least in children, the growth-promoting effect of Vitamin B12 proven in the case of malnutrition, athletes without Vitamin B12- Deficiencies, on the other hand, do not benefit from an anabolic effect.
What Vitamin B12 however, it is the synthesis of DNA and also the support of blood formation. It is therefore mainly used in the treatment of anemia and nervous stress. Nonetheless, it promotes the metabolism of small amounts of protein and the normal functioning of the nervous system.
There are 2000-5000mcg in the liver alone Vitamin B12 stored, so that in the rarest of cases there can be a defect. In addition, a daily increase of 3-5mcg of the vitamin is recommended through the diet. A total of 30mcg are built into the God of Rage Reloaded.


L-Citruline Malate: The God of Rage Reloaded is the only pump supplement that uses the non-proteinogenic alpha amino acid Citrulline and malic acid / malate.
The advantage of Citrulline across from Arginine is that this only occurs in Arginine, is then converted into NO or nitrogen oxide.
Arginine on the other hand, when taken directly, it is largely used for cells in the intestine before it can enter the bloodstream in the desired amount. Has been proven Citrulline in terms of an increase in Arginine- and NO levels in the blood more potent than Arginine even.
After all, it causes the veins to widen and thus promotes the flow of blood and the transport of nutrients in the blood. At the same time, it actively regulates the lactate reduction during training.
Potent dosages range between 2000-6000mg. The God of Rage Reloaded contains sensibly dosed 4000mg.

Beta-alanineTogether with the amino acid histidine combines Beta-alanine to the dipeptide carnosine.
Because muscles with higher carnosine levels have been shown to be able to produce powerful contractions for longer periods of time, it works Beta-alanine Counteracts premature over-acidification of the muscle by performing this process in the body with the help of ATP. As a practical buffer for pH stabilization in the muscle, it is on the muscle contraction up to muscle building or. -growth involved.
Long-term supplementation results in better strength, endurance and mass gains. In order to Beta-alanine can bring all these benefits and can counteract the annoying muscle burning, a dose of approx. 4g daily must be administered over a longer period of time, otherwise a direct influence / effect is not noticeable for the consumer.
The God of Rage Relaoded contains 3,2 grams and thus almost a whole daily ration is covered.

creatineThis has been the case since the early 60s creatine as a highly effective nutritional supplement. Initially used in the Eastern Bloc countries to increase athletic competition performance, nowadays everyone knows the performance-increasing potential in strength and speed strength disciplines.
In the body it is made from the amino acids glycine, methionine and Arginine synthesized and stored primarily in the white skeletal muscles. About the exogonic  Intake, the creatine requirement is mainly covered by the consumption of meat (1,4-2,3g per 100g). As a component of creatine phosphate is creatine participates in the supply of energy in the muscle and represents a limiting factor as a resource. If the ATP (energy source of muscle cells) is exhausted, creatine phosphate resynthesizes new ATP.
In short, with a supplement of creatine the content of creatine phosphate in the muscles can be increased by 20-30%. This enables a long-term resynthesis of ATP in the event of intense stress. Statistically proven are an improvement in the maximum force, the explosive force and much more. .
Common doses of a long-term intake are between 3-5 grams creatine have no noteworthy use. In a hardcore booster, even if the God of Rage Reloaded brings 3000mg with it, it is therefore of little use.

TaurineThe non-essential amino acid Taurine is not involved in the development of tissue such as muscles or connective tissue. Rather, it plays an important function for our brain, also as a component of various neurotransmitters for our nerve function. Studies supported at the beginning of the research with Taurine (from Gr. "Taurus" - bull, proven for the first time in ox bile) that supplementation brings about an increase in performance and an increase in the contraction force of the skeletal muscles. In combination with Caffeine and simple carbohydrates, endurance performance in humans also increases significantly, why Taurine is also a popular additive in the energy drinks known to all of us (Red BULL). It also protects Taurine as a kind of antioxidant against cardiac arrhythmias and damage and lowers blood pressure from doses of 3 grams upwards.
It is interesting that Alzheimer's patients have a conspicuously low concentration Taurine in the blood, whereas users of Taurine report of increased alertness and the ability to concentrate.
Finally met Taurine has an osmolytic purpose and draws water directly from the subcutaneous fatty tissue into the muscles.
To increase endurance, doses between 1-4 grams are recommended. The God of Rage Reloaded contains 500mg

Caffeine AnhydrousThe cheap, but no less potent raw material Caffeine is built into pretty much every booster.
In its “anhydrous”, powdered form, the raw material of the coffee plant is particularly concentrated and potent and shows positive effects on the central nervous system as well as on the physiological breakdown of glycogen and fat from doses of 50mg and up. With increased alertness and alertness there is also an expansion of the bronchial tubes.
Intolerance in the form of diarrhea, palpitations, etc. are considered unlikely up to a dosage of 400mg.
The 100mg contained Caffeine in God of Rage Reloaded already contribute to a guaranteed short-term elimination of acute symptoms of fatigue.


TheobromineThe alkaloid Theobromine is structurally related to Caffeine and belongs to the group of psychotropic stimulants. In its natural form it is obtained from cocoa and cola trees, as well as extracted from some tea plants. True will Theobromine a similar but also weaker effect than Caffeine said. These effects are generally dehydrating, vasodilating and, as already known, stimulating the cardiovascular system. In contrast to 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine Caffeine However, its effects are long-term and lasting stimulating and mood-lifting. While it can even be used as a potent cough suppressant in pharmacy, it has bothersome side effects Theobromine such as eye flickering, pulse acceleration and headaches only occur from doses of 1500mg daily. 100mg in the God of Rage Reloaded is a noticeable but moderate dose.

2-amino² (2-amino-5-methylheptane /2-amino-6-methylheptanes):  This substance has been on the German market since 2016 and is known as DMHA as the recognized successor to the legendary DMAA. The amine in the walnut tree also increases the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline and has the well-known effects of increased euphoria and a stimulated cardiovascular system.
Centurion Labz relies on a patented mixture of the two raw material variants 2-amino-5- and -6-methylheptane. The latter is the cheaper one built into most hardcore boosters DMHA-Version and must always be dosed higher than its directly related alternative (5-methylheptane - 75mg, 6-methylheptane - 100-150mg). Basically, the effect is different from DMHA zu DMAA to the extent that it is less stimulating, but more pain-relieving and, above all, calming and focusing. Only in the case of overdoses or, depending on the tolerance, can inner restlessness, trembling of limbs and, in the worst case, excessive dehydration not be ruled out.
Regardless of the non-itemized division of both raw materials, 200mg of 2-amino ^ 2 contained in the God of Rage Reloaded is a more than sufficient dosage for a guaranteed and convincing effect - thumbs up!

Eria Jarensis Extract:  Many platforms and authors still dub the extract of the orchid species Eria as the “NEW” star in the sky of stimulants and worthy of the substance's successor DMAAIt has been used regularly in hardcore boosters since at least mid-2016 (see e.g. Performax Labs Hypermax XT). Since only one scientific article (Acta Chemica Scandinavica) reports on the extraction of the crucial ingredients N-methyl-phenethylamine and N, N-dimethyl-phenethylamine and a whole 55kg of fresh plant material was required for 10mg of potent extract, we assume that the declared extract is synthetic recovered PEA.
Like the amphetamine derivatives, this releases more norepinephrine and dopamine and thus actively intervenes in our reward system. In addition to the increased mood and alertness, positive influences on breathing or bronchial tubes as well as a suppression of the feeling of hunger are added when used.
Eria Jarensis not only has a short half-life of 5-10 minutes in the organism, it also has like yohimbine HCL also interacts with drugs or food / MAOIs. Although the dosage of the extract in God of Rage Reloaded is 150mg, slightly below the frequently used 250mg of other products, it will develop potency in synergy with other stimulants.

Mucuna PrurriesThe pruritic bean itself or its extract are used in the knowledge of medicinal plants. Not only do the seeds of the plant have a high content of L-Dopa and thus the precursor of the messenger substances adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine and melanins, but the alkaloids they contain are also vasodilators and lower blood pressure. The plant is also said to have an aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic effect.
However, 100mg of the extract contained in God of Rage Reloaded is probably most likely to have been used for its mood-enhancing benefits.

Choline bitartrates: Is classified Choline As a vitamin-like substance (formerly known as vitamin B4) and is not infrequently used in food supplements and animal feed to protect the liver, as it prevents fat from being stored in this organ. It also supports a healthy lipid and homcysteine ​​metabolism. As a precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, it plays no insignificant role in controlling blood pressure, breathing, heartbeat and digestion, but also in maintaining healthy cognitive abilities (concentration, learning and memory)! Adults will have a daily intake of 425-550mg Choline recommended, which the God of Rage Reloaded (100mg) alone does not fully cover, but supports it sensibly.

HordinineThe alkaloid Hordes occurs in its natural form in barley malt, among other things, and is dubbed the substance in beer that is most likely to activate the reward center in the brain. After all, it acts like the body's own neurotransmitter dopamine and  there docks to the dopamine D2 receptors. As a natural MAO inhibitor, it also stimulates mental focus and concentration.
Although human studies are rare, one also suspects in the case of supplementation Hordes stimulates the release of norepinephrine, a hormone that releases fatty acids from adipose tissue and uses them to generate energy. Because of this fact and other effects on digestion takes place Hordes also increasing use in fat burners. It is also a natural bronchodilator and thus improves the flow of air through the bronchi, similar to an asthma medication. Dosage suggestions are rare, but assume about 20-50mg daily. 25mg in the God of Rage Reloaded therefore seem to have been dosed in a consistent and scientifically sound manner.

Higenaminehigenamine or norcoclaurin  is an alkaloid from the group from which the legendary ephedrine originates. In nature it can be found in the lotus flower, among other things. While higenamine Acts noticeably in the body after just 15 minutes, its effect noticeably lasts for up to 4 hours. There it stimulates the release of acetylcholine, increases muscle strength, just as it acts as a beta-receptor agonist and thus stimulates fat breakdown. As an antithrombolytic substance, it is not only beneficial for anabolic users (protects against the sticking together of red blood cells), but it is also proerectile.  Practice refers to tolerable dosages of 25mg up to 100mg. A 2015 study found no significant side effects with moderate doses over 8 weeks. 20mg in the God of Rage Reloaded should therefore develop its benefits within an appropriate framework.

Finally there are 10mcg Huperzine-A in the God of Rage Relaoded, which, as an inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, counteracts a degeneration process of nerve cells. As a nootropic, it has positive effects on memory, learning and concentration.


After studying the active ingredients, our mouths were initially open - WOW, that was a lot of ingredients in an interesting combination.
Increased cognitive abilities in particular came to the fore as recurring characteristics of the intended impact of Centurion Labz. In combination with a full dose DMHA one could hope for a true tunnel vision and a focus as sharp as a razor.

In terms of dosage and value of the ingredients, Centurion Labz has definitely not saved at the wrong end, but delivers an all-round coherent overall package with higher-priced production costs and a detailed recipe.
To what extent the composition of these raw materials and their quality are true, you can read in the following section about the effect of the product 😉


Ingestion / taste

Centurion Labz states on the booster packaging to mix a heaped scoop in 300ml of water. Unfortunately, they owe us the answer to the question of when exactly this should be done.
At Boosterjunkies, we proceeded in a similar way to other boosters and consumed a whole portion 30 minutes before training.
It is particularly worth mentioning that a slightly heaped scoop  according to Feinwaage actually reliably delivers a serving size of approx. 12,8g - thumbs up!
Centurion Labz advises you to test your tolerance with ½ or ¾ scoop, but we at booster junkies, as experienced consumers, started with a whole portion and found this to be a common dosage.

With almost 0,8g remaining buffer for flavors and colors, the God of Rage remains Relaoded  In fact, there are not many possibilities left for a taste fireworks display and this is also confirmed in practice. On the positive side, the booster does not take on a chemically luminous color after it has been mixed, but does not use any dyes. The taste, however, is truly no wonder. The present “Cosmic Star Candy” could be guessed at and didn't taste bad either, but in the end it was a bit thin and unspectacular. However, since this is a matter of taste, the positive conclusion remains that the booster does not taste bad under any circumstances or has to be tumbled down.

The colorless powder is very fine-grained and throws clouds of mist when the can is opened. Everything - can, label and the powder itself confirm the high-quality overall impression and processing with attention to detail.


The God of Rage Reloaded is a useful addition to the hardcore booster shelf of every consumer. Unlike the hardcore boosters of the first hour, which because of their substance and mother of all derivatives, had a very strong impact and had an effect like a slap in the face, is impressive the Rage Reloaded with a shallow but long-term determining effect. About 20 minutes after taking the booster, a pleasant and very controlled calm sets in and you increasingly lapse into a strong focus. With or without headphones, it is easy to isolate yourself from the rest of the hustle and bustle in the gym and do your training without much distraction. The feeling of stress and pain decrease with continuous training and increases in performance in terms of volume and weight are extremely easy.
During the training you can feel a significantly increased sweating, so that you could use a change shirt after just a few work sets. This was demonstrably not only due to the hot weather in which the previous tests took place.
We noticed very positively, but that is certainly a matter of taste that the booster, unlike many of its competitors on the market, does not bring any shakiness or this intrusive feeling of "being on top". The focus and increase in strength are significantly stronger than with any EU booster, but the God of Rage Reloaded sets itself apart from the negative aspects of a hardcore product  from or does not leave the impression of having consumed prohibited, drug-related substances.
And here we come to another aspect in a moment - a down.
Surprisingly, but fortunately, we missed this completely. No fatigue, no lethargy after training, existing feelings of hunger and thirst, but above all a subsequent everyday life that enables problem-free work, study and other mandatory activities without any impairments - thumbs up!
As the supplement facts already suggested, the God of Rage Reloaded unfortunately does not have any relevant, positive influence on the blood flow or the pump. If you use the booster without adding other pump substances (e.g. AAKG, Citrulline, Ornithing, Agmatine) the desired muscle volume and noticeably thickened veins on the abdomen and biceps are missing even with low KFA. Vascularity was found during training, but it was significantly stronger in stacked training units with additional substances. Of the  God of Rage Relaoded causes a noticeably increased, really pleasant muscle feeling, but we would recommend the addition of further amino acids for a pleasant hunt for the pumps and vascularity.

Price-performance ratio - the conclusion

A can of the Centurion Labz God of Rage Reloaded has a content of 422 grams and thus a whopping 33 servings. With a sales price of 44,95 euros in our partner shop STAYFOCUSED, this requires an investment of 1,36 euros per serving. If we take into account the high-quality processing, the coherent and costly composition of high-quality ingredients and ultimately an effect that is a desirable change from some hard "DM ** - punch in the face", this hardcore booster impresses with a first-class and really affordable price. For money.
Unlike the Rage, the effect of the God of Rage Reloaded is much more subtle, but also more pleasant and less penetrative. The hardcore booster is a welcome support for breathtaking concentration and a razor-sharp focus on complex exercises, especially for difficult training units and compound exercises.

Please consider that some of the ingredients, including DM ** and others, are considered doping according to the statute of the FDA and can therefore be detected in a control and accordingly sanctioned. The traceability of many substances or their metabolites is not clearly defined and may lead to a ban on competitions by WADA even after several months!

Centurion God Of Rage cover picture

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Buy Centurion Labz - God of Rage Reloaded

  • Stim booster
  • 200mg DMHA
  • extreme focus and long-lasting effect

Our rating
Our rating
  • extreme focus in the form of quiet and determined concentration
  • long-lasting, calming, work-enabling effect
  • first class price-performance ratio
  • No proprietary blend
  • Depending on the taste, no stimulating feeling
  • no significant influence on an improved pump
  • little intense taste
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