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Booster novelty - Greek Labs Hades Ultimate Pre Workout

We introduce you to the "HADES" from Greek Labs!

Zeus received the sky, Poseidon the sea, Hades the underworld.
Since then, Hades has been the "Lord of the realm of the dead", the strict, relentless God hated by gods and men, from whose kingdom there is no return.

Good training means forgetting the worldly for 2 hours, ignoring everyday life, stress and obligations and entering the realm of blood, sweat, iron and pain - sounds suspiciously like the underworld, doesn't it!

The likeness of the Greek antihero sits enthroned above a scribbled "Hades" lettering. The hardcore booster label is still adorned with some posing and muscle tensing silhouettes of young aesthetes. Similar to the statues from mythological weddings, they give the modern and eye-catching label a time-honored and historical touch.

For our partner shop STAYFOCUSED.DE, HADES is a sensible and powerful addition to the ultra-concentrated pre-workouts represents
Admittedly only a comparatively tiny one Serving size of 5,5g and pump substances in a presumably terrifying underdosage (L-citrulline Malate, agmatines Sulfates and AAKG are included), but a matrix, the one stim highlight after the next contains!

- yohimbine HCL
- 1,3 dimethyl ...
- 2-amino-4-methyl
- AMP citrate
- Higenamine
- Hordinine

If you are not about to take a doping test, you will enjoy this training booster, that's for sure

Hades does not do justice to the claim of an all-round blow, including monster focus and skin-splitting pump, as portion giants such as the Juggernaut WILD are able to achieve, but is remembered for it its effect on booster luminaries like Jack3D and Crazewho have gained the reputation of a Strobe bomb well deserved.

This Typical hardcore boosters, peppered with stimulants, Amphe derivatives and much more. makes for one A symbiosis of tunnel vision, drive and aggression.

The Greek Labs booster is especially grateful for it Number of portions per can, which amounts to a whopping 36 pieces.
Thus, the consumer is given the freedom to dose according to his mood.

We at BOOSTERJUNKIES are currently striving for a review and can reveal so much in advance that the booster even in doses of approx. 9-11 grams real pleasure makes and is still completely acceptable in terms of the side effect!

The STAYFOCUSED.DE is the booster currently in Taste watermelon available, but will also be available sooner or later

Apple, lemon and pineapple

to purchase.

Further information can be found in the Item description of the booster in the shop read and more impressions will follow soon in one comprehensive Review here on BOOSTERJUNKIES.DE!

Greek Labs Hades Booster
Greek Labs Hades Ultimate Pre Workout


Greek Labs Hade
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