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Olympus Labs RE1GN in the test

Experience report on the hardcore pre workout booster Olympus Labs RE1GN

RE1GN is the successor to the hardcore booster Conqu3er Amped, which was used very gladly by strength athletes all over the world for lifting weights and triggered a real hype. With However, Reign gets an improved formula that aims to improve all aspects of strength training without harming your body. As always, Olympus Labs refrains from using doping substances such as Methylhexanamine and at Reign relies on an effective mix of active ingredients that is beneficial Agmatine sulfate, L-citrulline and a high dosage of Vaso6 from Olympus Labs. Reign pays attention to better regeneration between the individual sets and fewer side effects after the workout. Like its predecessor, Re1gn is offered as a pre-workout Hardcore booster.

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Ingredients Reign Booster

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  • Hardcore stim booster
  • stark focus and strong pump
  • contains, among other things DMHA and Agmatine

Ingredients and dosage

Amount per serving
Vaso-6™ † (Gallate-Enhanced Oligomers)5 g
Pomegranate Powder Extract300 mg
L-citrulline 1 g
AGmass™ † agmatines Sulfate1 g
Intense Energy Matrix
Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix:
Caffeine anhydrous (300 mg), Eria Jarensis Extract, Juglan's Regia Extract, St1m-X ™ As C. Macroceras Extract For Alkaloids
Immaculate Focus Matrix:100 mg
TheaCrine® † 40% [Tasteless] (Theacrine)
KannaEase ™26 mg
(as Sceletium Tortuosum Standardized for Alkaloids (Total Alkaloids ≥ 0,5%) & 0,2% Mesembrine)
Maximum absorption matrix50 mg
AstraGIN® †† Proprietary Matrix Blend [Astragalus Membrananaceus Extract (Root) & Panax Notoginseng Extract (Root)]

Which active ingredients can be found in Olympus Labs Reign?

With Re1gn, Olympus Labs has improved its own active ingredient formula by several lengths and from the controversial DMHA freed. Reign is increasingly offering itself as a healthy alternative to other hardcore boosters and does not neglect the effect. The main components of Re1gn consist of a large number of new components that provide an interesting effect with a lot of potential. Above all there are five grams L-citrullinewhich is conducive to the pumping effect during strength training. It increases the NO level in the blood and thus ensures effective circulation, which you can feel immediately after ingestion. There is also a patented form of the Agmatine Sulfate, AGmassthat has a positive effect on the metabolism. There AGmass is traded as novel food, it is only available in the US version, which is being tested for you here. The blood circulation is also stimulated here, which is important for lifting. Reign also has an extract from pomegranates that is healthier and more effective than the alternatives made from the bark of pine trees and releases procyanidins into the blood. Together with the two previous active ingredients, Rei1gn is a real powerhouse for blood circulation and the pumping effect. Vaso-6 is also a patent compound used by Olympus Labs for Reign that acts as an antioxidant. This is called gallate and is found mainly in green tea and therefore has a health-promoting and stimulating effect on blood circulation. Of course you can Caffeine Not missing from a hardcore booster and the well-known remedy is contained in a range of 300 milligrams. This provides an alertness boost and puts you in a good mood for the training.

Reign also uses a variety of extracts that are already used in other boosters, but work extremely well together with the other ingredients. This includes extracts from yohimbine, Walnuts, Eria Jarensis, Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. Another element in Re1gn is the use of Theacrinewhich is similar in effect to Caffeine, is only used here as a tasteless variant, which hardly differs in aroma from other variants.

With Reign, Olympus Labs is offering a completely new substance that has not yet been used in any other booster. In Re1gn there is KannaEase, which is supposed to compensate for the side effects of hardcore boosters. The active ingredient in Reign works against anxiety and stress and reduces tremors by taking supplements. Kanna, also known as Sceletium tortuosum, is an herb from southern South Africa, where it is used as a relaxation agent and to promote concentration due to the formation of mesembrine. Kanna is dried and frozen for Re1gn and then mixed into the booster, which makes KannaEase a naturally pleasant active ingredient. The substance retains the serotonin in the cells and does not take it up again, which makes Reign an effective hardcore booster that has improved on its predecessor in every way.

Olympus Labs Re1gn comes in a jar with a content of 204,8 grams. Each serving, i.e. a scoop, uses an amount of 9,2 grams, which corresponds to a total of 20 uses. Depending on your experience, care should be taken not to use too much. Beginners in particular should not use such a powerful booster as Reign in such a high dosage. Beginners in the field of training boosters and anyone who wants to test out new boosters should only fill half a spoon. In any case, you will double the amount of use, which is ultimately positive for your wallet. The rapid solubility in water is a pleasant feature of the Re1gn Booster. After the powder is added to the water, it will dissolve completely and will not create inedible lumps of Reign powder in the water. So you can taste your pre-booster before training. The Re1gn Booster is dissolved in 270 to 350 milliliters of water, which corresponds to eight to twelve fluid ounces, about 30 to 45 minutes before the workout. Reign presents itself as a pleasant solution that works quickly and really pumps you up within a short time.

It should be noted that Reign is not really suitable for beginners as the effects are extremely powerful. Sensitive people who already have problems with weaker boosters should refrain from using Rei1gn and use gentler alternatives. Although the active ingredient complex is designed to have fewer side effects, the effect is too intense for some strength athletes.

RE1GN Booster detail picture
Product highlights RE1GN
Ingredients RE1GN Booster

The aroma of RE1GN

The Hardcore Booster Re1gn presents itself in the taste without any secondary aromas that could have an unpleasant effect on the taste experience. Olympus Labs does without strong aromas and offers Reign for pure stimulation and the desired pump effect. RE1GN offers five different flavors:

Issy Fury
Lion's Blood
Dragons crap
Area 51 (US version)

The flavors are not defined, but they all have a fruity aroma. It is reminiscent of classic sports drinks and is not too intrusive in taste. The aroma disappears within a few moments and there is no strong aftertaste left

Olympus Labs RE1GN drug test

The Hardcore Booster Reign contains some substances that can be described as amphetamine derivatives, which can lead to a positive drug test. However, in our own rapid drug test, after taking it several times, it has been shown that we can give the all-clear: Our test result was consistently negative.

Drug test RE1GN booster

The most important thing: the effect in detail

As with any booster, the Olympus Labs naturally depends on the effect. Since Reign is an extended form of Conqu3r, an effective effect is of course expected, which the product fulfills in every form. After taking the booster, ten to 15 minutes must pass before the head becomes awake and clear. The focus sets in and the active ingredients lead to a strong desire for strength training. A big advantage of Reign is that the tremors that are typical when using pre-boosters are only noticeable very late and only to a minor extent. In this way, you can go to the exercise equipment and weights in a completely awake state to start training. The increased focus, which already sets in after 20 minutes and makes training immensely easier, is pleasant. Reign creates a true tunnel vision of the training and after taking Rei1gn you will only be lifting weights.

A positive side effect is controlled breathing for increased focus. Smokers in particular benefit from this, as they can optimize their breathing and thus train more effectively. In addition, there was no side effect that is otherwise typical for boosters: sweating. The body can easily prepare for the workout by taking Reign and has no sweats that turn the workout into a stinking agony. RE1GN intensively increases the desire to train within the first 20 minutes and works for 30 to 40 minutes during training, which can easily be used for hardcore action. RE1GN allows you to do multiple repetitions in a row, which leads to a better result when lifting. The pump presents itself extremely and all muscle groups that are used for the pump are noticeable. You are stimulated intensely, but the strength does not increase. The mass of the weight that you can lift with Reign is based on the effect of other boosters. That was a little disappointing, but the other effects inspire in all respects. By taking Rei1gn you will reach new heights in training and afterwards you can look forward to defined muscles.

The focus, which lasts between two to four hours, was particularly beneficial with Reign. While the pump decreases after about 40 minutes, the focus is still extreme. With Olympus Labs RE1GN you can work on other muscle groups that belong in your training. You should make sure that the use of boosters like RE1GN can lead to incorrect measurements by your fitness bracelets. Due to the increased blood pressure, the pulse increases and the bracelets show values ​​that are not realistic. The first side effects show up a few hours after training in a feeling of down and poor concentration. Other side effects are not as severe as tremors, sweating, or headaches, but they can occur.

Conclusion: effective in training, reasonable in price

Reign from Olympus Labs is an attractive booster that can be used well in training thanks to its composition. The visible pump is unique, the muscles swell extremely and the force distribution when lifting is optimized. Thanks to the good active ingredients, Reign is suitable for all types of weight training and training and impresses with its low price of around two euros per serving. The effect speaks for itself and apart from the few side effects, RE1GN is safe to use, since Reign, compared to Congu3r, completely relies on substances such as Methylhexanamine waived. The packaging already shows what you can expect when you integrate RE1GN into your training and the increased focus was particularly impressive in the test. Other boosters do not offer such a willingness to perform compared to Reign and this is what makes the Hardcore Booster so valuable. With RE1GN, Olympus Labs has developed a workout booster that is fully included with every training session.

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Buy Olympus Labs - Reign

  • Hardcore stim booster
  • stark focus and strong pump
  • contains, among other things DMHA and Agmatine

Our rating
Our rating
  • Very good effect
  • Good taste
  • innovative composition
  • Nebenwirkungen
  • Proprietary blend
  • Not suitable for beginners
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