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Devils Pharma Devil's Work put to the test

Devils Pharma - DEVIL'S WORK

"The New King Of Pre-Workouts"

"Close the pact with the devil and prepare for hell mode" - well, if that's not even an announcement !? A new booster release has rarely made waves in Germany than Devil's Work, the first work by the eponymous company Devils Pharma.

When entering the market, the brand evidently doesn't mince words, however small, but rather makes blatant advertising promises in a cheeky and cocky manner. The European label with production in Florida claims the crown of the booster genre and doesn't skimp on claims and facts about the terrifying pre-workout.
Of course, BOOSTERJUNKIES.DE sees it as its duty to put these promises through their paces and ultimately to reveal their truthfulness.

International blogs and websites have also become aware of the piece of jewelery, which to date is exclusively available in Germany, but according to the brand owner is aiming for expansion across Poland, France, the UK and who knows, maybe across the pond.
At least several other exciting supplements are planned in addition to the hardcore pre-workout and a more than handsome clothing line is about to be released.
However, Devils Pharma comes out of the starting blocks with a product that promises to shake up the rankings for training boosters again at the end of the year.

As usual, we at BOOSTERJUNKIES.DE want to take a very close look and give you an honest opinion on the product and other aspirations of the brand.

Experience report on the hardcore pre-workout product Devils Work from Devils Pharma

This pre-workout starts with a fat portion size of 12g, which is composed of no less than 19 (!) Different ingredients. Space enough to dose each of them at least sufficiently is guaranteed and not only the question of "HOW MUCH?", But especially the question of "WHAT?" Can be answered in a promising and curiosity-arousing manner - but let's keep the tension a little longer upright 😉
Devils Pharma does not consider it necessary to hide behind dubious matrices but, as expected, rushes forward with all ingredients and dosages.
Suffice it to say: our booster friends were mouth watering when we looked at the label and beads of sweat shot us on our foreheads with excitement.

Which active ingredients can be found in the hardcore booster Devil's Work from Devils Pharma?

30 servins of 12 full grams, of which Devils Pharma already promises a strong effect, but recommends 1,5 servings for pure "workout MADNESS". When analyzing portions, etc., in the following we refer to the information per 1 serving - this should also be more than enough for most 😀!
With the "Teufelswerk" we find a pre-workout that has enough active ingredients for both Focus & Aggression and Pump & Vascularity.

So what's in Devils Pharma's Devil's Work? - The following is a look at the ingredients in detail:

Devils Work Supplements Facts

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Ingredients and dosage from Devil's Work

Amount per serving
Vitamin D2000 IU
Vitamin C300 mg
Vitamin B9200 mcg
Vitamin B1230 mcg
Citrulline Malates 3.000 mg
AAKG3.000 mg
AGmass1.000 mg
Glycerol725 mg
2-aminoisoheptanes250 mg
L-Norvaline220 mg
Cocoa Bean Extract150 mg
Theobromine150 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous110 mg
Caffeine bitrate110 mg
L-Theanine75 mg
Kaempferol75 mg
Hordinine45 mg
naringin 40 mg
Mucuna Prurries50 mg
D-glucurono-3,6, lactones15 mg
Higenamine2 mg
Yohimbine HCL2 mg

Vitamin D (200iu): Acts like other vitamins and minerals Vitamin D in a training booster as a positive regulator and buffer from undesirable side effects and after-effects. Vitamin D improves the absorption of Calcium and phosphorus and other substances in the intestine. Bones, teeth and other things are strengthened more potent as a result.

Vitamin C (300mg): The task of Vitamin C is the conversion of proline and lysine to hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in order to develop connective tissue, collagens and other passive structures as a result. In addition, it serves as a regulator of stress and promotes regeneration and resistance to infection.

Calcium (1mg): Calcium significantly supports not only muscle building, but also muscle contraction.

Vitamin B9 (200mcg): The Vitamin B9 is said to have enormous effects as a growth agent, especially in the phases of childhood and adolescence. It supports the formation of the CNS and supports the repair of damaged or degenerated structures and is involved in all cell division processes. With the help of Vitamin B9 functional proteins and neurotransmitters can also be synthesized.

Vitamin B12 (30mcg): Auch Vitamin B12 is involved in the processes of cell division and renewal. Both the nervous system and the blood benefit from a healthy one Vitamin B12-Mirror. In addition, it promotes the energy production of the mitochondria.

Citrulline Malates (3000mg): Citrulline gets in the kidneys too Arginine transformed. It is also involved in the production of nitric oxide, and it dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.
To keep it short, is Citrulline more potent in increasing NO production than Arginine even 
which reaches the kidneys via the bloodstream and closes there Arginine is being rebuilt. Arginine and Citrulline increase nitric oxide production and thus widen blood vessels and lower blood pressure.  Citrulline is the starting point for the Arginine-Synthesis and end product in the formation of NO.
Citrulline so can the Arginine-Increase values ​​in the blood and is even more effective than Arginine even to boost NO production.
Through the gift of Citrulline Malate can also support the work of the muscle, which makes the muscle work more efficiently and allows it to produce more ATP with less oxygen.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (3000mg): Detoxified by disposing of excess nitrogen Arginine the body in the course of urea synthesis. It sets Arginine NO or nitrogen free, which ultimately gets into the muscles and arteries. The resulting relaxation and expansion is commonly known as the pumping effect. The release of growth hormones such as somatotropin and the synthesis of collagens for regeneration are positive side effects of supplementation Arginine.

N-Acetyl L-tyrosine (1000mg): tyrosine is the amino acid that is known as a mood enhancer and also stimulates the conversion of thyroid hormones in the body.

AGmass (1000mg): The AGmass is a patented branded raw material from Agmatine, which supports nitric oxide production and inhibits its synthase enzyme. This leads to an optimization of the NO level in two ways in order to achieve the ideal athletic performance and the best possible pumps.

Glycerol (725mg): Glycerol binds water, which not only makes the muscle appear plumper, but also generally promotes the pump.

2-aminoisoheptanes (250mg): This is nothing more than DMHA.
Although it is also related to amphetamine, it is structurally significantly different than DMAA and DMBA. But also thanks DMHA Norepinephrine and dopamine are absorbed more.
Usually the sweet spot is DMHA at about 150mg.
So Devils Pharma is not understating!

L-Norvaline (220mg): The amino acid Norvaline is derived from the branched-chain amino acid valine and inhibits the enzyme arginase. As a catalyst for Citrulline and Arginine it helps to achieve a better and longer effect.
However, be careful: initial studies suggest that Norvaline Could be CNS damaging

Cocoa Bean Extract (150mg): The active ingredient of raw cocoa bean extract is ultimately nothing more than Theobromine, which is named afterwards.

Theobromine (150mg): Structurally it has similarities to Caffeine, but has a less stressful effect on the CNS. Different to Caffeine however can Theobromine act more strongly on the stroke and on a widening of the veins, which additionally strengthens the pump. As it relaxes the smooth muscle cells, it supports economical breathing and a better supply of nutrients to the organism.

Caffeine Anhydrous (110mg): Caffeine shows positive, stimulating effects on the CNS as well as glycogen and fat breakdown. While it increases alertness, alertness and concentration, it also dilates the bronchi.

Caffeine Bit rate (110mg): s. Caffeine

L-Theanine (75mg): This is a soothing amino acid from green tea, which does not make you tired, but only relieves the CNS. In combination with Caffeine shows theanine a considerable increase in cognitive performance.

Kaempferol (75mg): A little researched flavonoid ...

Hordinine (45mg): This MAO inhibitor stimulates the reward center of our brain and increases focus and concentration by stimulating the dopamine D2 receptors. In addition to widening the bronchi, it also mobilizes the body's own fat reserves as a source of energy.

naringin (40mg): The bitter orange extract shows, among other things, a synergetic effect with synephrine and generally improves the absorption of many other substances. In addition, studies with cell cures show that these with the administration of naringin produce more NO, which ultimately boosts the pump again.

Mucuna Prurries (40mg): This extract supplies our body with L-Dopa, so that our brain releases more dopamine. Due to its mood-enhancing and positively calming effect, this extract can be found in pre-workouts as well as in some sleep supplements. In addition, it acts as an antioxidant and supports the release of growth hormones.

D-glucurono-3,6, lactones (40mg): A sugar acid or carbohydrate, which is often combined with Caffeine and Taurine is used in energy drinks.

Synephrine HCL (50mg): Also known as Citrus aurantium extract, it is chemically and structurally closely related to ephedrine and is primarily responsible for the mobilization of fat in the organism. The contained flavonoids increase the body's energy expenditure enormously (increased core body temperature and increased resting metabolism) and also have a strongly stimulating property.

Higenamine (15mg): higenamine is also known as norcoclaurine and belongs to the alkaloid group to which ephedrine also belongs. It stimulates the release of acetylcholine and increases muscle strength as well as, as a beta-receptor agonist, fat loss. Likewise protects Higenamine before the blood adheres and is therefore also beneficial for the blood circulation.

Yohimbine HCL (2mg): The active ingredient, originally obtained from a tree bark, not only has aphrodisiac properties, but also generally promotes blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. Is particularly well known yohimbine however, as an alpha-adrenergic blocker and sympatholytic. Ingestion can be associated with psychedelic states of consciousness, aggression and increased sweating.
By blocking the alpha2 receptors, it releases more norepinephrine in the body, thereby increasing thermogenesis and metabolic activity, and not least because of this it is a popular fat burner.

Conclusion active ingredients:

Devils Pharma starts with a real board and manages to combine a focus & pump monster in just one product!
The portion size alone provides space for more than 10g of active ingredients, with which Devil's Work actually manages to serve every segment of a good hardcore booster comprehensively.
Here are the 250mg DMHA Not at all the decisive criterion, but the pre-workout impresses with the ingenious combination and dosage of all individual ingredients.
Not only did the fire transparently disclose all dosage information, but also the use of vitamins and minerals to mitigate undesirable side effects and after-effects was taken into account.
It is gratifying to see that the Devil's Work does not only rely on simply clunking into it in the sense of an ultra-concentrated pre-workout, but that it has been supplemented with pump substances and more to a reasonable extent. The extent to which the coordination of the stimulants creates a more focused or scratchy mood cannot be predicted purely on the basis of the supplement facts, but there is no question that the booster will have an effect on the CNS and, accordingly, on the concentration and mood!


Ingestion / taste

Not only the finished drink as such should be subjected to an evaluation, packaging, processing and much more also play a role for this criticism - let's look at the look, feel and other aspects of the product.

A can could hardly be darker or more infernal. The oversized skull of a devilish demon or maybe Lucifer himself as well as two possessed figures of Mary adorn the front of the label ominously. The black high-gloss jar with a classic screw cap is covered with a simply processed but beautifully designed label. In addition to the company logo, which unfortunately very strongly reminds of that of the company founded last year and sponsor of IFBB professional Big Ramy "Dragon Pharma Labs", we also find the references to "Made in USA" and the flavor label "Devils Candy".
Both the variety we have and the “Monstrous Mango” flavor that is still available are clearly designed and perfectly pick up on the brand's theme - really successful

The “recommended use” section is customary in the trade, but the indirect recommendation of higher or overdosing (1,5 scoops) is very ambitious and not very responsible. Taking into account the varied and comprehensive selection of stimulants, the restriction to the generally applicable consumption recommendation would have been sufficient - but Devils Pharma is just hardcore!

The flavor we were given, Devils Candy, was really very tasty and particularly good for such a high-dose hardcore booster!
Only the choice of color of the logo (pink) and the designation as "candy" aroused the expectation of a reddish drink with fruit punch-like flavors. Contrary to this, however, the powder and drink are more orange and taste accordingly, but as I said, these are stereotypes.


When it comes to the effect, it is unnecessary to go around the bush or get entangled in meaningless glossing over.
The fact is, Devil's Work is really fun, but it is definitely not for soft-boiled amateur athletes.
Unlike many competing products, the devil's work is not overridden for no reason and does not scratch its consumers in an uncontrolled manner. On the other hand, it impresses with a strongly concentrating effect, which on the one hand pushes aggressively, but the whole thing is very subtle and focused.
With this hardcore booster, one or the other repetition and also some additional weight plates are definitely possible!

Not to be forgotten is the full proportion of potent pump substances, which is not only expressed by map-like forearms and bulging muscles, but also makes the legs and, last but not least, the back extensor taper during leg training.
Fortunately, cold sweats, goose bumps, tremors and the like are not to be expected, as there were no side effects recorded in any of our tests when taking Devil's Work.

Price-performance ratio - the conclusion

A can of Devils Pharma Devil's Work currently costs 49,95 euros and provides 30 servings with a total of 360g content (12g each).
With the usual dosage, you end up with a portion price of around 1,66, which is really decent considering the quality and quantity.

Please consider that some of the ingredients, including DM ** and others, are considered doping according to the statute of the FDA and can therefore be detected in a control and accordingly sanctioned. The traceability of many substances or their metabolites is not clearly defined and may lead to a ban on competitions by WADA even after several months!

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  • strong effect with extreme focus and good pump
  • no side effects and / or after effects
  • noticeably good taste
  • familiar-looking company logo

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