The best DMAA boosters

The best DMAA boosters at a glance | PRE WORKOUT BOOSTER Ranking 2020 - Top 10

The year 2020 is in full swing! - And that means it's time for an update of our exclusive DMAA Booster Ranking 2020!
- Which pre-workout boosters are at the top this year thanks to their penetrating effect and which innovations can we welcome in the circle of the best hardcore strobe bombs !? enlighten you!

IMPORTANT: Hardcore boosters are a niche product and should stay that way! This type of supplement, especially with the ingredient DMAA, is aimed exclusively at experienced athletes and strength athletes who have been doing the sport for years and in exceptional cases resort to such potent and performance-enhancing stimulants to compensate for their stressful everyday life. Neither training beginners, adolescents nor athletes with health problems need a hardcore booster to achieve their ideal performance!

Dear friends of the well-groomed booster consumption,

While we are still in the deepest winter months, the DMAA-Booster is experiencing its second spring and the market is, to the delight of all booster junkies, littered with hot pre-workouts which, thanks to the legendary substance, provide a lot of steam in the workout.
Although DMBA, DMHA, Eria Jarensis extract and other stim innovations have increasingly established themselves on the market, 1,3-dimethylpentylamine or 2-amino-4-methylhexane or geranamine, known to you as DMAA, still dominate Scene!

DMAA, a sympathomimetic and often incorrectly referred to as an amphetamine derivative, is a pharmaceutical substance and is on the list of prohibited narcotics in Germany. However, due to its natural origin (to be found in the geranium plant) it can nevertheless be installed and sold in hardcore training boosters under the guise of a legal gray area.

You may remember 2017 when Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals CEO Jared Wheat and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) fought a fierce court battle to legalize the substance. But not only since then has there been constant back and forth and uncertainty regarding the harmless, consequences-free consumption, trade and possession of DMAA products.

Nevertheless, DMAA-containing products count and will still count among the box office hits of the training boosters and enjoy an almost legendary reputation for their effect.
This hype can be traced back to the father of all pre-workouts: the legendary Jack3d from USP Labs.
As the first training booster product, it made use of the DMAA stimulant and is still popular with fans and nostalgic fans to this day.

This is exactly what the supplement market tries to satisfy again and again and to bind permanently to DMAA boosters.

Unfortunately, the compositions of newer pre-workout boosters often suffer from the sheer limitless potency of the stimulant and are not very sophisticated. If you compare the old formula of Jack3d with an innovative matrix of a newer product, you will notice a number of additives, such as vitamin complexes, meticulously coordinated pump formulas and added plant extracts and amino acids.
These not only cushion the crushing aftermath of an amphetamine-like substance, but are also conducive to an improved supply of nutrients, an increased pump or a more pleasant focus.

We at make it our task at regular intervals to draw your attention to those products and to present only the best and most effective hardcore boosters.
As a result, we want to present you the best DMAA boosters of the new year 2020 in the following.

It is important that the effect of a pre-workout product is always subjective and can be completely different from athlete to athlete!
Our ranking is limited to the personal experiences of our extensive team, as well as to the impressions of experienced customers and friends. In addition, we naturally include the declarations on the labels of the respective products in the evaluation, but we cannot guarantee the authenticity or guarantee of the substances actually contained. Nevertheless, we vouch for the quality of the individual manufacturers and products and have only included those boosters in the ranking that made a serious, credible and high-quality impression on us!

So here are the 10 best stim bombs from the segment of DMAA-containing hardcore training boosters 2020:

The 10 best DMAA boosters at a glance

Blackline Supplements - Suicides

Behind the name Blackline one could almost assume the company (Sinob-Blackline 2.0) of the two Germans Ben Wagner and Nils Eiffler, who took the market by storm with the pithy company slogan "Shit is not our business" and a delicate protein - but that is expressly NOT like that! Who is behind this dubious (alleged) US company and where exactly it comes from remains unclear to this day! It is clear, however, that the hardcore training booster of the dark brand will undoubtedly hit and rightly open this ranking. As mentioned above, the formula of this pre-workout unfortunately seems quite simple, namely it copies 1: 1 the original composition of the Jack3d. Roughly the AAKG, creatine, beta-alanine plus the stimulants caffeine and DMAA, distributed in the concentrated dose of just under 4g. Nonetheless, or maybe because of it, the suicide hit hard in 2017, because with it you finally had a booster on the market again, which, although relatively blind, unfolds its effect head-on and with full force! It was astonishing that especially the 1st batch caused widespread horror, because the SUIZIDE provided a brute pump despite hardly any substances it contained. One could even suspect the use of aspirin. The booster is available in 3 types of Death Berry, Tropical Death and Bubble Gum. Biggest flaw in the really good Jack3d duplicate? - A down / crash of death ☹ Therefore unfortunately only 10th place.

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# 10 blackline supplements -

RATING: 7.3 / 10

Dynamic Evolution - Savage AF

The Savage AF provides you with everything you need for a good workout: outstanding focus, sheer endless energy and strong vascularity. To do this, he combines the best stimulants, namely 75mg DMAA and the (still) rarely used Juniper Berry Extract and not to forget caffeine. Their combination with really potent pump supplements, namely Agmatine Sulphate and Glycerol Monosterate, which not only ensure a veiny, but also a full look, is pleasing. There is also a solid nootropic stack that contains Alpha GPC, among other things. But also Dendrobium Extract (25mg) and Yohimbine (2mg) are truly ingredients that the true booster connoisseur will find in his pre-wokout.
The Savage AF also only contains 7g per serving, but its formula is purely theoretical and in practice somewhat more comprehensive than that of the rated one. Hence the ninth place ☺

Savage AF Booster

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# 9 Dynamic Evolution - Savage AF

RATING: 7.5 / 10

Jack'd Up Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

The manufacturer from Georgia, America, has been one of the most successful players on the supplement market since the 80s. With the Ultimate Orange, the company not only laid the foundation for all pre-workouts and hardcore boosters of today, but also regularly caused a sensation with box office hits such as the HydroxyElite and Off The Chain.
Thus also with the Jack`d Up, an improved formula of the original namesake, the USP Labs Jack3d.
Like the original, it also weighs 5,55g, but has been expanded by 3 forms of creatine and agmatine, the proprietary blend of the luminary replica trumps with at least 50mg DMAA and also tastes excellent.
This booster is definitely an insider tip for nostalgics and comes terrifyingly close to the well-loved feeling of the legendary father of all hardcore boosters!
Not particularly sophisticated and by today's standards certainly no longer an outlier in a positive sense, but a well-deserved guarantee of success in a new guise - 8th place for the new old Jack 😉

HiTech Pharma - JACK'D UP

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# 8 Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Jack'd Up

RATING: 7.8 / 10

# 7 Strength Game - Death Punch

The Death Punch allows you to unwind a workout with the highest intensity, while you vanish even in the deepest focus and a feeling of lightness. For this purpose, Strength Game has put together a truly modern formula, which in addition to 75mg DMAA also contains other stimuli such as ephedra and hordenine as well as yohimbine. Thanks to citrulline and agmatine (listed in 1st position in the matrix), the pump is also provided. A special highlight, however, is the addition of a very special substance, because with GW501516 the pre-workout contains a true endurance miracle weapon. This is a SARM, which is not suppressive and has been shown to be beneficial for effective fat burning and increased endurance.
In a 7,5g portion you get a true all-purpose weapon that provides a full pump, the incomparable stim-drive and the effects of a potent fat burner.
This gives the Death Punch a deserved place 7 with a view further up.

Death Punch Booster

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# 7 Strength Game - Death Punch

RATING: 8.0 / 10

Anti Hero Labs Venom

The manufacturer Anti-Hero Labs appears, to put it mildly, underground-like and could also sell the latest poison mixtures from the in-house garage kitchen. Layout and processing of the extremely creative and edgy products are sometimes a bit amateurish and look like "wanted but not able"!
However, there is no question that the theme of the soups on offer is ingeniously chosen, harmoniously designed and strictly marketed - whether Juggernaut, Carnage or Venom, the can of every hardcore soup is adorned with an elaborately staged antagonist.
In terms of content, the impression of wanting to tackle everything with a crowbar is also confirmed, but agmatine and norvaline work pretty well in terms of a full pump and also 100mg 1,3 DMAA + synephrine, hordenine, ephedra (and and and ...) rattle independently of possibly not perfect raw material quality quite hearty.
In the end, all of this leads to a placement in the lower half of our Top10, although there are a number of things (amateur product design, dubious marketing, dubious raw material quality) to be questioned and / or criticized, because something that bangs like this simply has to be rewarded; ) ...
and especially as a collector, such an unusual box looks particularly good in the cupboard 😉

6th place for Anti-Hero Labs Venom

Product Features:

  • Agmatine sulfates
  • 250mg caffeine anhydrous
  • L-Norvaline
  • 100mg !!! 1'3 DMAA
  • Horde HCL
  • Ephedra Extract

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# 6 Anti-Hero Labs - VENOM

RATING: 8.1 / 10

Submission Science - Rocky KO Round 2

The hardcore booster in the Balboa dress hits like a hook on the chin! Not only a whopping 100mg DMAA, but also the symbiosis of Yohimbine and AgMass ensure an all-encompassing hardcore booster experience, as it should be in the book. The Rocky KO not only gives you a focus that beats you through tunnel-like 12 rounds of a complete boxing fight, it gives you the frightening aggressiveness of Ivan Drago, who caused fear and horror in the movie Rocky IV. The Rocky KO is really not for air kisses, because it literally beats you as soft as a nappy after training. If you want to benefit from the positive and stimulating effects of the hardcore booster, you also have to accept the subsequent top-class down.

In terms of effect, it is undoubtedly also a candidate for the winners' podium, but unfortunately because of its knocking out after-effects "only" in 5th place!

Product Features:

  • Vitamin complex
  • Citrulline Malate
  • 1 g AGmass ™ (agamtine sulfate
  • 100 mg 1,3 dimethylamine (DMAA)
  • Yohimbine HCL!
  • L-Norvaline
  • Extremely strong
Submission Science Rocky KO

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# 5 Submission Science - Rocky KO

RATING: 8.4 / 10

Prime Nutrition PWO MAX

Prime Nutrition has been the darling of PJ Braun, who is also the co-founder and owner of the supplement giants Blackstone Labs and RedCon2012, since 1. No other name in the game stands for such success and annual sales hits as that of the passionate bodybuilder and successful businessman. Unlike Blackstone and RedCon, Prime Nutrition tends to stay in the shadows of the really big brands and even falls a little behind. The PWO-Max, on the other hand, is a real insider tip that can easily compete with any top-class product on the shelves of hardcore boosters.
Prime Nutrition knows that it can undoubtedly allow itself to transparently disclose the dosages of the ingredients of the former PWO-HP with a swollen chest. Not only a whopping 75mg DMAA, but also a proud 2g agmatine sulfate and loaded 300mg caffeine plus some other sensibly dosed ingredients give the pre-workout a thoroughly respectable reputation among insiders.
The cans of the booster are very popular among connoisseurs and are increasingly coming to an end. Fans and interested parties should still grab it as long as possible!
The PWO-MAX deservedly introduces the upper half of our DMAA ranking - our 4th place!


Product Features:

  • 2 g agmatine sulfate !!!
  • 500mg DMAE
  • 200 mg caffeine citrate
  • 150 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 75 mg of 1-3-dimethylamylamine

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# 4 Prime Nutrition PWO-MAX

RATING: 8.4 / 10

# 3 Intelligent Muscle - Sharp AMF

This strong pre-workout combines 2 strong stimulants in one product, namely 80mg DMAA with 100mg DMHA and additional substances such as higenamine, synephrine and yohimbine.
We particularly liked the completely transparent supplement facts, which, to our delight, contain 5g of pure pump substances (L-citrulline, citrulline di-malate and agmatine sulfate).
In addition, a portion of this monster weighs a whopping 10g and provides pretty much everything a booster heart desires.
No innovative ingredients such as nootropics, SARMs or other novelties, but tried and tested in proper doses - and this is exactly what is reflected in the effect of this product. Long-lasting effects and a high-quality formula give this truly “intelligent” product a well-deserved 3rd place in the ranking.

Product Features:

    • no proprietary blend
    • Vitamin Complex for better regeneration
    • 80mg DMAA + 100mg DMHA!
    • also contains 1g Alpha Yohimbine + 1g Yohimbine HCL!
    • 5g active pump substances
Sharp AMF

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# 3 Intelligent Muscle - Sharp AMF

RATING: 8.3 / 10

BlackOut Supplements - INSTINCT

You don't have to be the best in everything to be at the forefront !? - that's how BlackOut Supplements thought. Neither the most comprehensive serving size, nor the most stims and certainly not the recommended dosages of pump substances - but exactly what it takes to be really fun in the case of the INSTINCT. As a veritable hybrid of a hot stimbombe and a puffy pump monster, the (per serving) 9,5g DMAA booster INSTINCT is an all-round talent that, to top it all off, has little to no side effects despite its impressive focus and satisfactory pump entails.
From the stimulant segment, the Hardcore Booster makes use of 200mg caffeine, 50mg hordenine, 20mg higenamine, indefinite amounts of synephrine and yohimbine and, last but not least, a whopping 110mg DMAA! A total of 6g of active pump substances (3g citrulline malate, 2g L-arginine and 1g agmatine sulfate) also provide a full and pleasant vascular pump in symbiosis.

Not only the rich content of the ranking-determining ingredient, but the well-founded theory behind this booster (see announcement and article description) and, last but not least, the convincing practical reports guarantee the pre-workout a place, although not at the top of the top 10 ranking but on the well-deserved podium number 2!

Product Features:

  • an all-rounder among the DMAA Stimbombs
  • Vitamin Complex for better regeneration
  • 110 mg DMAA!
  • also contains yohimbine!
  • 6g active pump substances
Instinct Booster

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# 2 BlackOut Supplements - INSTINCT

RATING: 8.5 / 10

# 1 AND THE WINNER IS: FitaFlex Nutrition - FitFire

In 2020 a booster moves to the top of the ranking that nobody would have expected there. A booster clone spilled over to us from the USA as early as 2018, which looks 1: 1 with a view to the Nutrition Facts, like an old friend.
Connoisseurs of terms such as MESOwell and NeuroMORPH will certainly have their ears ringing immediately, but at the latest when you see the brightly colored powder, piled up in transparent cans, you will remember the legendary APS MESOMORPH. Although this served as a template, FitaFlex shines on the one hand with exemplary transparency (1 scoop corresponds to 2000mg L-Citrulline D-Malate, 3200mg Beta-Alanine, 65mg DMAA !!!, 335mg Caffeine Anhydrous and 600mg Creatine Nitrate), on the other hand the Fitaflex Nutrition overtakes Fitfire its source of inspiration by a long way, as it comes up with an equally impressive effect in terms of focus and drive, but does not cause any bad after-effects or side effects!

To get a more comprehensive look at the product, we suggest you take a look at our review, where the hardcore booster excelled with a whopping 9,0!

Over the years the Fitfire has laughed at many friends in the ranks of our team but also our loyal customers - 1st place in the ranking is more than well deserved!

Product Features:

  • Well-tried mesomorph formula
  • 2000mg L-Citrulline D-Malate,
  • 3200mg beta-alanine
  • Agmatine sulfate
  • 65mg DMAAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine HCL)
  • Extremely strong
  • Without side effects
FitaFlex Fitfire Booster

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# 1 FITAFLEX - Fitfire

RATING: 9.0 / 10

And now it's your turn!

Our work is done at this point and we have introduced you to ten top-tier hardcore boosters. Without a guilty conscience, we can recommend each of these top-class pre-workouts to you and only appeal to you to choose the right product for you. Which of these DMAA strobe bombs is the right one for you and whether the RAGE alone deserves the gold medal, we cannot and do not want to answer at this point! The effect and the feeling of hardcore boosters are based solely on subjective experiences and can vary greatly from person to person!
Use the offer of our partner shop STAYFOCUSED.DE and, thanks to the offer of booster samples, test each of the pre-workouts sufficiently.
Or be willing to experiment and collect and put one of these guaranteed effective DMAA cans on the shelf!

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